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Chiefs-Titans playoff odds: Chiefs are 7-point favorites at Arrowhead

The 2018 (yes, 2018) NFL playoff schedule has been released and the Chiefs and Titans will be kicking things off on Saturday afternoon. The NFL oddsmakers have also released odds on each of the games with the Chiefs being a 7-point home favorite over the Titans.

Seven points in this game feels about right. The Chiefs are clearly better so I could go a little bit higher ... but which Chiefs team are you getting? This is a Chiefs playoff game at Arrowhead ... who the hell knows what could happen? Aliens could invade during the game and I would believe. Weird stuff happens to the Chiefs in the postseason.

The other odds are fairly high as well. The Jaguars are a 7-point favorite over the Bills. If the Jaguars beat the Bills and the Chiefs beat the Titans, the Chiefs would go to New England to play the Patriots. The other option is the Bills and Chiefs winning and the Chiefs going to Pittsburgh. Neither one is very appetizing, huh?

Over in the NFC, the Rams are favored over the visiting the Falcons and the Saints are home favorites over the Panthers.

2018 NFL playoff odds

Titans-Chiefs: Chiefs are 7-point favorites

Falcons-Rams: Rams are 5.5-point favorites

Bills-Jaguars: Jaguars are 7-point favorites

Panthers-Saints: Saints are 6-point favorites

Odds via Odds Shark