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Chiefs win over Patriots reminds me of another great regular season win 20 years ago

The Kansas City Chiefs win over the New England Patriots was an all-timer. It was one of the best regular season wins in Chiefs history because of who it was against, where it was and when it was. The moment made the victory that much sweeter.

I asked (former) KC Star writer Randy Covitz what his top regular season wins were and he mentioned 2014 against the Patriots, 1994 against the Broncos (Montana Magic) and 1991 against the Bills (statement game for Marty). Brady, Elway and Kelly. You beat a Hall of Fame QB and you end up on Randy’s list. I would also put the Pete Stoyanovich for President 1997 Broncos game up there as well as 2015 Denver when the Chiefs basically retired Peyton Manning.

While it’s not quite on that level, 20 years ago was one of my favorite Chiefs wins of all time. It came in Oakland on Monday Night Football, the second game of the season and the second game of the Elvis Grbac era (you can see he’s still wearing No. 11 here, not No. 18). Grbac hits Andre “Bad Moon” Rison from 32 years out (!!) with seconds left in the game. You don’t see game winners from so far out like this very often. Also note the Mitch Holthus call of the game.

Happy weekend everyone.

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