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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs free agent safety options, Tech N9ne has a Chiefs song

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The Kansas City Chiefs were not supposed to beat the Patriots. Here’s why | Arrowhead Pride

The Chiefs don’t win games unless they get turnovers.

The Chiefs don’t win games if they turn the ball over.

The Chiefs don’t win games if the special teams unit doesn’t dominate.

The Chiefs don’t win games if they let the opponent score more than 24 points (or so) and don’t have some kind of defensive or ST touchdown.

The Chiefs don’t win games if they need to lean on their offense.

Two outside names to watch as the Chiefs try to replace Eric Berry | Arrowhead Pride

Steven Terrell (who the Chiefs just cut last week): “He’s the corner who had to come in for Earl Thomas (in Seattle) when Thomas went down. He plays the run very effectively. He’s been able to play deep, come up in the box, and he’s only 26 years old, fairly young guy, very healthy but definitely a run stopper.”

Five Things We Learned from Andy Reid Following Thursday’s Win |

“He’s a load, he’s talented and he’s a smart kid, which helps at that position because that’s a tough one,” Reid said. “You have a lot of things to learn as a rookie coming in - I haven’t had a lot of rookies start for me over the years. He can think on his feet and that’s very important when we’re asking you to run the football, but then we’re asking you to pass block, and to run routes and you have to know all the blocking schemes up front and know how the line’s going to handle each front. He spent the time learning how to do that. My hat’s off to him. Again, he can be better. There’s things that we’ll look at and he’ll look at and that he can grow from.”

KC Chiefs bring back C.J. Spiller for a third time | The Kansas City Star

Spiller’s return gives the Chiefs three running backs on the active roster. Kareem Hunt, a rookie, starred in the Chiefs’ win over the Patriots on Thursday, and backup Charcandrick West looked pretty good, too, scoring a touchdown.

KC Chiefs must move on without injured star Eric Berry | The Kansas City Star

It’s a legitimate question to ponder whether you’d like the Chiefs’ long-term chances this season better if they had yet to play and Berry were healthy … or because of this monumental win but knowing he’s out.

Chiefs will miss more than a great player with Eric Berry’s absence | ESPN

Berry is also one of Kansas City's locker room leaders. His is the voice that all of his teammates listen to. That has been the case since Berry returned to the Chiefs in 2015 after his successful battle with Hodgkin lymphoma. Berry famously put himself through grueling physical workouts during his chemotherapy treatments so he could return to play for the Chiefs sooner than he otherwise might.

Still pumped about the Chiefs win over the Patriots, KC rapper Tech N9ne releases new song about Chiefs | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

He posted a clip of him rapping the third verse of the song to his Instagram page with the caption, “The patriots WHO? LOL KC BOYS AND WE GON REPRESENT OHHH, CAUSE WE LOVE KANSAS CITY! BREAK THESE BOYS SEND EM HOME IN A SPLINT OHHH, MAN I LOVE KANSAS CITY!”

The Patriots’ loss to the Chiefs revealed the glaring weakness they may not be able to fix The Washington Post

The Patriots never compile gaudy sack totals. Last season, they led the league in three-man rushes. Coach Bill Belichick’s defenses lean toward bend-don’t-break. He rarely gambles with heavy, exotic blitzes, and New England pass rushers do not veer from their lanes. But the Patriots do manage to consistently pressure quarterbacks, to force them into uncomfortable throws. They allowed Smith a shockingly comfortable night.

Chiefs offense could continue to defy expectations | USA Today

But first things first. If you think Smith had extra fuel because of the buzz that the rookie Mahomes generated with an impressive summer, well, that’s another myth.

He insists that he drew no extra satisfaction for proving something to doubters.

“If you had asked me that seven, eight years ago, I would give you what you’re looking for there,” Smith said. “I really don’t care. To be honest, this has been the most drama-free camp. I haven’t been dwelling on that. For whatever reason, I’ve just been playing, enjoying the opportunity and not looking beyond it.”

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