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The good and bad stats from the Kansas City Chiefs win over the New England Patriots

They were mostly good.

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Games like last night’s 42-27 Kansas City Chiefs beat down of the New England Patriots don’t happen often. The defending Super Bowl champions, at home, raising a banner? Be honest: did you actually think the Chiefs had a fighting chance?

Well, I’ll be honest—no, I didn’t think the Chiefs had much of a shot. After all, before last night, in Tom Brady’s last 52 home games against AFC opponents, he was 51-1.

Make that 51-2.

There were some crazy stats from last night’s game, both good and bad. I always like to get the bad news first and end with the good, so let’s start there.

The Not-So-Good

  • The Chiefs were flagged 15 times for 139 yards against the Patriots. That’s both insane and unacceptable. The fact that they won the game after so many penalty yards is a bit of a miracle, when you think about it. New England tallied 55 penalty yards.
  • Things were looking grim to start early when Brady and the Patriots offense were threading the defense. On the first drive of the game, the Pats went 73 yards in nine plays, using 2:52 of game clock.
  • The punt return team was a bit shaky. De’Anthony Thomas bobbled a punt return early and Tyreek Hill botched a punt, but luckily recovered it. Kareem Hunt also fumbled—his first since his freshman year at Toledo—on his first NFL carry. But we can forgive him.
  • The run defense struggled. If you would’ve told me before the game that New England was going to rush for 124 yards with three touchdowns, I would’ve thought the Chiefs had zero shot at winning the game. Remember that third-and-long in the first quarter when the Pats ran a draw play and picked up the first down? That can’t happen.

Enough of the bad, let’s get to the fun stuff.

The Good

  • From 2013-16, the Patriots allowed zero touchdown drives that were 90 yards or longer. KC had three 90-yard touchdown drives Thursday night. (via USA TODAY Sports)
  • KC had one offensive play go for 75 yards or more in 2016. Against the Patriots, they had two TOUCHDOWNS go for more than 75 yards. (via ESPN Stats & Info)
  • When was the last time the Patriots allowed 41 or more points in a game? Sept. 29, 2014 against the ... Chiefs. (via @KCChiefs_Matt)
  • Kareem Hunt’s 148 rushing yards and 98 receiving yards were the most yards from scrimmage in a debut in NFL history. (via everyone on Twitter)
  • When taking a lead into the fourth quarter at home, Tom Brady was 105-0 before last night. Make that 105-1. (via USA TODAY Sports)
  • The Chiefs put up 537 total yards on offense. That’s the most offensive yards any Patriots team has allowed in a single game under Bill Belichick. (via USA TODAY Sports)
  • This speaks for itself:
  • In coverage, Marcus Peters was thrown at just one time. He allowed zero catches, zero yards, zero touchdowns. Impressive. (via @PFF_NateJahnke)
  • Kareem Hunt broke six tackles against New England. (via Pro Football Focus)
  • This is awesome, too:
  • Let’s not forget that Alex Smith threw for 368 yards and four touchdowns. I still can’t get over that. Also: Smith threw four passes deeper than 20 yards downfield against the Pats and connected on three of them. In 2016, Smith had just 521 deep passing yards. (via PFF)

After the preseason he had, with the Chiefs drafting Patrick Mahomes, Smith had to have been on cloud nine last night. Thursday night’s game will be tough to top this season, but you can bet that Arrowhead’s going to be rocking next Sunday against Philadelphia.

An added bonus: here’s your fun tweet of the day. This surfaced last night on Twitter ... it’s a DAT tweet from 2013.

Have a great weekend, Chiefs fans.

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