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Kansas City Chiefs just cut CJ Spiller ... again

So, what is going on? What in the world is going on? The Kansas City Chiefs cut RB CJ Spiller. This news comes directly from the Chiefs, who made the announcement via Twitter. (UPDATE: Terez Paylor helps explain the move here. He could be back)

The Chiefs cut Spiller on roster cut weekend but then re-signed him after they put CB Steven Nelson on injured reserve. Same thing here where he comes back? Sure seems like it.

I’m not sure if Spiller’s salary became guaranteed on Tuesday or if cutting him before the game means his Week 1 salary isn’t guaranteed. That’s notable because if you’re not on the Week 1 roster, your salary is not guaranteed.

What we do know is that Spiller won’t be playing in this game and neither will Jordan Devey, who was the Chiefs ninth offensive lineman. It always seemed like he was the 53rd man on the roster.

The Chiefs did sign RB Akeem Hunt to the practice squad recently and they have RB Devine Redding. I’m not sure what the rules are on how late you can bring someone up from the practice squad. There’s a lot I’m not sure about here.

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