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Chiefs Podcast: Carrington Harrison previews the season with Amateur Hour

610 Sports’ Host of The Drive joins us to preview the Chiefs 2017 season

Episode 1 of the Chiefs 2017 season - No longer the offseason right?!? - All past episodes can be found at

We sat down with 610 Sports afternoon host Carrington Harrison and previewed the entire 2017 season.

Topics discussed:

0 - 18:00: Do the Chiefs make the playoffs? How do they stack up against the rest of the AFC West? What would it take for the Chiefs to realistically be considered Super Bowl contenders?

18:00 - 38:00: When is the right time to bring in Patrick Mahomes? Will Alex Smith be a different QB in 2017, knowing it’s most likely his final season in KC?

38:00 - 58:00: Then we delve into the rest of the roster, position by position - Offense - Can Kareem Hunt carry the load? Is the OL living up to its expectations?

58:00 - 1:10:00 - Defense - What difference does a healthy Justin Houston make? Is Bennie Logan an upgrade from Dontari Poe? How does the Steven Nelson injury affect the secondary?

1:10:00 - 1:25:00 - Chiefs-Patriots talk - Do the Chiefs have a chance? What is Dirk’s special wrinkle for the game?

1:35:00 - AFC Playoff Predictions

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