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Chiefs-Patriots picks: Who will take Kansas City?

The Arrowhead Pride staff picks for the Chiefs vs. Patriots NFL season opener ...

Chiefs 27 Patriots 35

Much like the 2016 playoff game, the Chiefs will be slightly trailing all game long but they’ll still keep it competitive. These Chiefs won’t get blown out. The Chiefs don’t get to Tom Brady and he’s able to have an efficient day despite a strong offensive output from Alex Smith and co. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 21 Patriots 24

The defense puts up a fight, but a familiar sight on the offensive side of the football puts their backs to a wall one too many times against the Super Bowl favorite Patriots. We all fight all week about who to blame and it's a mess. Good times! -MNChiefsfan

Chiefs 24 Patriots 30 (OT)

Remember high school, when there was that one extremely athletic kid? He or she would walk into gym class and no matter what the sport of the day was, they just seemed better than everyone else. And it had been that way for the last three years. And you're athletic, you've been pretty good all that time, but never quite as good as him. But senior year is going to be different. You work out all summer long, cut out your beloved ice cream and soda pop, and you tell yourself, "No, no. I don't care. This is my year." On day one of gym class, your teacher divides everyone up into teams for basketball, and you get matched up against that person. You may have been timid before, but it's 2017 and now you're going to show them you're for real. And you do. You play your best possible game. You block a few of their shots. You score in the paint and hit from three. Figuratively speaking, you punch them square in the mouth and they don’t know what hit them. But, by the end of the game, they recover. They’re still a little bit better, and they find a way to squeak it out.

It's so frustrating, yes, but before what was certainty is now doubt. And everyone in the class knows it. By the end of the year, maybe, just maybe, you'll be the top dog. If you haven't figured it out by now, you're the Chiefs, and they’re the Patriots. -Pete Sweeney

Chiefs 28 Patriots 27

Everyone has crowned the Patriots as an undefeated juggernaut in 2017. Did you also know all Alex Smith will Steve Bono and become the Chiefs all-time winning percentage leader if they beat the Patriots? Pride often comes before the fall and the Patriots are about to fall (at least in this one.) Andy Reid will use Tyreek Hill in unexpected ways, Justin Houston will have an impact, special teams will have a big return or two, and the defense will get a much needed turnover. Everything goes right in Week 1 for the Chiefs as they pull off an unrealistic victory in New England. I mean, Alex Smith is better than Steve Bono, and it only makes sense he should own the best win percentage in Chiefs starting QB history and Smith will do it in spectacular fashion. -Gary McKenzie

Chiefs 17 Patriots 28

You can't expect a win for the Chiefs this week. It's not reasonable. I'm not being negative here, I wouldn't pick ANY team to go into Foxboro and beat this team in prime time, at home in the season opener. You CAN, however, HOPE the Chiefs win, with good reasons. Tyreek Hill is going to score. Houston, Peters, DJ and Berry are back on the field, leading an opportunistic defense. New additions Logan, Hunt and Kpass bring size and strength and abilities that should help against a physical Pats team. I hope the Chiefs win, but I expect a 28-17 score in favor of the Champs. -Stagdsp

Chiefs 20 Patriots 28

Trailing 28-17 with 11 minutes left in the game, the Chiefs have a seven minute drive that stalls at the New England 20 and ends in a field goal. They get the ball back down eight with 38 seconds remaining. With six seconds left at the KC 38, Patrick Mahomes comes in to throw his first career pass attempt with a 62-yard Hail Mary. It's dropped by Demetrius Harris. Chiefs cover but the game is never really in question. Patriots converting better in the red zone nets them a victory. -Kent Swanson

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