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Chiefs vs. Patriots game preview

The Week 1 game preview is here!

Podcast host Pete Sweeney, Arrowhead Pride manager Joel Thorman and former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber preview what to expect when the Kansas City Chiefs visit the New England Patriots Thursday on the opening night of the NFL season.

On the show:

1:15 – Pete, Joel and Shawn talk about the Steve Nelson IR news and surprise cuts on the 53-man roster.

2:36 – The challenge of playing Tom Brady in Foxborough.

3:31 – Discussing Brady and the Patriots offense and the challenge the Chiefs right cornerback will face.

4:50 – Pressuring Brady will be the key for the Chiefs defense.

5:52 – How will the defense look with Steve Nelson not in the mix?

7:49 – Brady is not taking the Chiefs defense lightly.

10:15 – The matchups to watch between the Patriots offense and Chiefs defense.

11:34 – Can the Chiefs stop Rob Gronkowski?

14:10 – The Chiefs offense’s challenges against the Patriots defense.

14:23 – How will the Patriots take tight end Travis Kelce out of the game?

18:20 – Barber explains the “helmet slap” philosophy and why the Chiefs should use it this game.

19:00 – The guys address Travis Kelce’s calf injury.

19:49 – What will Chris Conley’s role be against the Patriots?

20:55 – Shawn highlights what he believes could be an exploitable weakness in the Patriots defense.

22:30 – The guys discuss what to focus on in this game when it comes to special teams.

26:26 – Will this be the most strategic regular-season football game of all time?

27:00– Pete is so bad at math.

28:26 – Reading and answering your tweets.

37:00 – Game predictions.

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