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Podcast: Chiefs-Patriots, season record predictions and everything in between

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In Episode 10 of the Chief in the North podcast, we have a special edition to celebrate, well, 10 episodes. Additionally, with the regular season now looming, it felt appropriate to answer as many mailbag questions as humanly possible in 50 minutes.

The topics of the mailbag questions range from the Chiefs' chances against the Patriots on Thursday to overall season predictions, with basically everything in between.

Additionally, it's time to put some final thoughts on what Patrick Mahomes accomplished this preseason (spoiler: it's a lot), whether I think Andy Reid is making the right choice rolling with Alex Smith, and why I think it's ridiculous to say that Mahomes needs to learn the same offense Smith is running before he'll be ready to go.

Since we may well not see Mahomes play again until next season, it feels appropriate to both start and end the episode discussing the Chiefs' future quarterback.

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