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Chiefs are expecting the unexpected against the Patriots

One of the things I’m most excited about with the Kansas City Chiefs is what new thing Andy Reid is going to bring to the table. Big Red is a smart coach and I know he’s going to bring something that the Patriots haven’t seen on film yet.

The same goes for the other side. You can bet your ass Bill Belichick will have an unexpected wrinkle. The Chiefs know that which is why they’re expecting the unexpected in New England on Thursday night.

“I think one of the things you do look at with a team like the Patriots, especially on defense, they can throw a lot at you,” Chiefs QB Alex Smith told the media this week. “They can do a lot of different things from a personnel standpoint, fronts, coverages, you name it, they can do it a lot of different ways and it’s hard to predict what’s coming. Certainly it being an opener, even more so – what un-scouted things can they spring on you or play that you can’t prepare for. It’s tough.”

It’s not just what the Chiefs offense will face against the Patriots defense. It goes the other way too with what the Chiefs defense will see against Tom Brady and the Patriots offense.

“You are going against the best QB ever and the things he possesses on the field, “Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson said. “Even if you have a lot of film on him, you are still going to get a lot of wrinkles. But for the first game of the year, of course it is going to be a lot of adjusting during the game. And the best team that adjusts during the game usually has the most success.”

The Chiefs season opener last year was a great example of how to adjust. They were down 24-3 and came back to beat the Chargers. While that’s good to know they’re capable of that, I don’t see the Chiefs coming back from any two score deficit against New England, let alone 21 points.

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