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Apparently, the Chiefs have the coaching advantage against the Patriots


The head coach advantage goes to ... the Chiefs?!?! I didn’t see the segment but one of the Twitter replies said that Maurice Jones-Drew made this pick, not Heath Evans (pictured).

Look, even I don’t agree with that. Andy Reid is a hell of a coach. A future Hall of Fame coach who, with a great season, will move into the top 10 in all-time coaching wins this year. He’s an all-timer.

Belichick, however, is the game’s greatest coach today and it’s not particularly close. This is an era of parity and the Patriots have been dominating for nearly two decades. People are picking them to go 19-0 this year and that doesn’t feel like an overreaction.

On this list above, the only advantage I see the Chiefs having is potentially on defense, although the Patriots defense is very good as well so that’s not an easy argument to make. If they would’ve listed special teams the Chiefs might have that advantage.

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