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KC Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill shines in primetime

The Kansas City Chiefs will hit primetime on Thursday night for the NFL’s season opener. The Chiefs have played some big games before but this is among the biggest. The first game of the year against the defending champs with NFL fans watching no one but the Chiefs and Patriots. Outside of the playoffs, the stage doesn’t get much bigger than this.

For Tyreek Hill, that’s a good thing. He loves playing under the lights in primetime.

“Like I said last year,” Tyreek told reporters this weekend, “I just like playing under the lights because it reminds me so much of playing in front of my hometown, like Friday Night Lights. It’s crazy, so I’m always trying to make that big play up under the lights because everyone’s watching.”

Why should Chiefs fans like that they’re in primetime? Because Tyreek shows the F up in primetime. Last season, he had seven of his 12 touchdowns in primetime. When I say Tyreek and primetime I think of the Broncos overtime game where he balled out and the Raiders game at Arrowhead on Thursday night where he put a clown suit on Raiders punter Marquette King.

The Patriots are 100 percent going to have a plan for Tyreek. Bill Belichick tries to take out what you do best and after Travis Kelce that has to be Tyreek.

I’m pumped.

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