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As expected, Chiefs say Alex Smith is ahead of Patrick Mahomes and it’s not close

KC Chiefs GM Brett Veach met with the media on Saturday and said that, while Patrick Mahomes is further along than they thought, Alex Smith remains “so far ahead” of Mahomes in certain areas of his game.

“Coach made a statement a few days back, there’s no gray area,” Veach told reporters on a Saturday conference call that I missed because the one-year old Heir To The Arrowhead Pride Empire was going completely insane because I wouldn’t let him watch Minions. “Alex is our quarterback. Alex is so far advanced from the mental side of things in regards to his ability to read coverages, to shift to better plays and really play the chess game. He’s so far ahead of what Pat is. I don’t think it’s even close right now.”

I believe Veach’s statement here to be true. I also believe Veach and the Chiefs were going to say this no matter what had transpired during the preseason. Big Red won’t stand for any drama. He shut down the quarterback controversy talk in his first presser after the draft. Look at Tamba Hali. There was a hint of drama with him before camp and we haven’t heard or seen Tamba since then (unless you’re on Twitter).

“But going back to Pat,” Veach continued, “the development he has made and the strides he has taken in those departments has exceeded our expectations to this point. So we’re excited where we are and again the longer that Alex and Pat are together, the better we will be.”

I think both of those things can be true. The Chiefs can believe Alex is so far ahead of him and they can also believe that Mahomes has exceed expectations. I hope that’s true because that’s all good news for the Chiefs.

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