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Arrowheadlines: ESPN will have tailgating show before Chiefs on Monday Night Football

How much has Alex Smith really changed in 2017? | ESPN

All the storylines fit when you look at the raw numbers. Alex Smith is having the best start to his career, and one of the best three weeks in the NFL, after the Kansas City Chiefs began the process of replacing him. With first-round draft pick Patrick Mahomes II sitting on the bench, Smith has transformed into the aggressive gunslinger that no one thought he wanted to be.

One caveat: He hasn't.

Derrick Johnson on Chiefs: ‘We’re a confident group’ | SiriusXM Radio

“Before he set foot on the field,” the linebacker said. “He’s a guy that’s very athletic, runs very hard. We saw that from the get-go in training camp. But I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I tell you I thought he was going to do the things he’s doing right now. He’s really tearing it up. He’s just one of those running backs that has the perfect balance and really good speed, and just a hard runner and a tough runner. That’s a great combination for a running back.”

Chiefs offensive trends through 3 weeks and how defenses are attacking them | Arrowhead Pride

The Chiefs have been in 13 personnel (1 RB, 3 TE) 11 times this year. They’ve passed on nine of those plays. Why? Excluding the Patriots game, teams have used their base personnel against this group. My guess is Andy Reid sees the athleticism of the tight end group as a whole and the diversity of Kelce and Hill as opportunities to take advantage of less athletic personnel groups in pass coverage. This can also be a way to get Kelce potentially lined up against a linebacker if he’s split out.

ESPN to try out new 'tailgating hour' before Chiefs game, Oct. 2, 2017 | The Kansas City Star

“Honestly, I think it’s the best-smelling parking lot that I’ve ever been to in any NFL stadium,” Seth Markman, ESPN’s senior coordinating producer, said. “It’s caught all of our attention, to be honest, over the the years.

Redskins-Chiefs Capsule | The Washington Post

Redskins’ only win over Chiefs was Sept. 18, 1983. Washington has been outscored 191-69 in six games since.

Hunt, Chiefs D, Arrowhead give Redskins much to deal with Monday night | AP

“I call them a ‘nuisance defense,'” Gruden said. “They’re all over the place. They’re bump-and-run, man-to-man, they’re playing a lot, they’re disrupting routes and they’re giving their pressure time to get there.”

Chiefs hope new kicker Butker kicks butt | The Kansas City Star

Oh, and there’s his Twitter handle, @buttkicker87.

“It came from a trainer at Georgia Tech my freshman year,” Butker said. “People say a lot of stuff about my last name … I kind of made it a funny thing to be ‘Butt Kicker.’ I just went with it.”

Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt receives more honors | The Kansas City Star

Hunt becomes the fourth rookie to be named an offensive player of the month, joining Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions, 1989), Edgerrin James (Indianapolis Colts, 1999) and Mike Anderson (Denver Broncos, 2000).

Chiefs' Mitchell more than just 'the other cornerback' | AP

He still needed to fend off plenty of competition in training camp, including a push by former third-round pick Phillip Gaines and second-year pro D.J. White. But no matter what the Chiefs threw at him, the quiet, business-first Mitchell always seemed to rise to the occasion.

"He's a unique kid. Not a lot gets to him," Reid said. "In his own little, quirky way, he doesn't let things bother him. He just keeps battling back. That's a positive for us. Especially in that position, you have to have a real short memory and he's got one."

Redskins TE Jordan Reed expects to play against Chiefs | AP

Reed has only played a game and a half this season before leaving in the third quarter in Week 2 against the Los Angeles Rams. In that time he has 11 catches for 84 yards, and Gruden called the Rams game Reed's best all-around performance in a while.

Chiefs vs. Redskins: Injury Report |

Chiefs kneelers and standers talk | The Kansas City Star

Colquitt and Conley work side by side, the same way Eric Fisher (who stands) blocks for Kareem Hunt (who kneels), and the same way Travis Kelce (kneeler) has a friendship with Anthony Sherman (stander).

They’ve all been part of conversations that too many of the rest of us haven’t. They have a head start, of course, because every NFL locker room has men from all corners — Justin Houston is one of 11 kids, Patrick Mahomes is the son of a big-league baseball player, Fisher was raised by a single mom in rural Michigan, and Alex Smith by two parents in San Diego.

You could do worse for a gathering of diversity, in other words, and if the conversations between the sides have not gone deep or long at least they’re happening.

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