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The Chiefs are probably better than even the Chiefs thought

The usual disclaimer: It’s only been three weeks, a lot can change, etc

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking like one of the two best teams in the NFL along with the Atlanta Falcons. If you ask Andy Reid, he probably would tell you that he expected his team to play well and other players will say they knew their potential. They’ll say they’re not surprised they’re looking this good.

That may all be true but I think the evidence supports the idea that the Chiefs are currently much better than anyone in the front office thought they would be.

The evidence being, as Nick Wright pointed out Amateur Hour (listen above), that just a few months before the season, the Chiefs traded away two first round picks for a guy who (ideally) won’t play this year. If you think you have a team that is this good and is this close, do you do that? Maybe not.

I know we spent all summer talking about whether a true contending team goes out and spends two first round picks on a guy who won’t play. Now seeing how the Chiefs started, that question looks a little different now.

The reason the Chiefs can spend two first rounders on a guy who won’t play and still be fine is because the guy you picked in the third round is the MVP of September. So, the takeaway here is that the Chiefs should draft more league MVP-caliber players in the third round.

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