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Chiefs Podcast: Nick Wright joins AHPKC to talk about the best team in the NFL

AHPKC Chiefs Podcast was lucky to be joined by FS1’s Nick Wright to talk about the 3-0 Chiefs

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Welcome to the Amateur Hour podcast. All past episodes can be found at

Episode 4 of the Chiefs 2017 season w/ special guest Nick Wright, of FS1’s First Things First...

Rundown of the show:

0 - 3:00 - Fluff!

3:00 - 22:00 - Andy Reid Shutdown Mode

22:00 - 60:00 - Nick Wright calls in to discuss the Chiefs as Super Bowl contenders, Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, Eric Berry and drops a few Amateur Hour exclusives

60:00 - 1:30:00 - Chiefs offensive line, some deep dive stats, Dee Ford’s injury, Travis Kelce and Butt Kicker.

1:30:00 - End - Talk on the NFL Protests (you’ve been warned!!!)

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