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The Chiefs are the most penalized team in the NFL

If you thought the KC Chiefs games this year have been interrupted by a lot of yellow flags, you’re right. They have been. The Chiefs are the most penalized team in the league right now and the Raiders are 24th. It’s bizarro world.

The Chiefs have 33 penalties this season, which is good for an average of 11 per game. That’s four more than the next closest team.

The leaders are CBs Terrance Mitchell and Phillip Gaines and LG Bryan Witzmann with five penalties called against each of them. That’s almost half of them right there.

What’s the deal with this? I think of Andy Reid telling the players to let their personalities show. Is that part of it, are they letting too much of their personality show? Are they trying to do too much?

It’s not a problem right now because the Chiefs are winning but once they lose their first game because of a holding call, we’re going to be pretty upset. This will be “A Thing” at some point this year.

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