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Chiefs stock report: 4 up, 3 down

The Kansas City Chiefs stock is soaring sitting at 3-0 with wins over three talented teams and two of them on the road. It hasn’t been ALL smooth sailing, however. For the third straight week, the Chiefs lost a key contributor to injury. The offense has been explosive at times, and out of sync other times. And the yellow flags keep coming down like rain, every week. Eventually, it might catch up with them. For now, the Chiefs are finding ways to make explosive plays and close teams out. The Chiefs are on top of the NFL world at 3-0.

Here are a few Chiefs who we see as trending this week:

Stock Up

RB Kareem Hunt: It’s not easy to improve your stock over what Hunt did the first two weeks. He’s still on this list because he’s proving every single week that he’s the real deal. There is no question he’s among the NFL elite running backs. He’s eliminating the question of whether he can keep it up. Brian Baldinger might have nailed the real question: Can anyone tackle him? Then again, Hunt already answered that one, too.

“I just always never let the first person bring me down,” Hunt said. “I know I have to make at least one guy miss, and if I do that, it’s usually a big gain. You know the line can’t block them all, so pretty much it’s just a mindset not to go down.”

Hunt forced another seven missed tackles this week, according to PFF, which brings his season total to a league-leading 17. It’s the reason he’s a special back already, and the reason it’s sustainable. Well, that and an elite burst, great vision and balance. You get the idea. Hunt has been fantastic.

CB Terrance Mitchell: I said in the preview that I had some concerns about Mitchell and the Chiefs other CBs against Keenan Allen. They responded in a big way with three first half interceptions off Philip Rivers, and at least one or two more that they could have caught. Mitchell in particular had two INTs and nine tackles this week. He gave up a few yards and another penalty but Mitchell battled all day, and was a real difference maker for the Chiefs defense. MNChiefsfan has noticed that playing against Mitchell is miserable for receivers, and he’s displaying instincts and ball skills that can make offenses pay for sending all the targets his way.

S Eric Murray: Speaking of the Chiefs secondary, I like what Eric Murray is doing so far. He plays with some confidence and aggressiveness, and it looks like he can cover some ground back there. He had a bigger game last week, statistically, but Murray was solid again against the Chargers. He’s still a special teams contributor, even with his expanded role trying to fill in for Eric Berry. This week, his tackle on second and long helped shut down a 14 play Chargers drive at the end of the first half. Murray should continue to improve as the season goes on.

NT Bennie Logan: Logan’s Chiefs career is off to a great start. He may not show up in the box score every week (nine tackles, one sack, one batted pass so far this season), but just watch the Chiefs defense and you’ll see his impact. He’s consistently pushing the pocket and making plays in the run game.

Others who are trending in the right direction: Marcus Peters, Justin Houston, Dustin Colquitt, Eric Fisher, Allen Bailey

Stock Down

Special Teams: Look, I like aggressiveness, and I’d probably fake more punts and kicks than most NFL teams. But faking it on fourth and long on the opposing team’s side of the field is a questionable decision. Unless it had worked, in which case it would have been awesome. It didn’t, but luckily the defense was good enough to hold it from being a huge deal. The Chiefs also lost their kicker this week, and have yet to have a return touchdown. There will be a game or two this season decided by special teams, so it’s important to see these guys make plays.

TE Travis Kelce: Kelce was uncharacteristically quiet this week, leading some to believe he was being punished by Reid. It seems more likely that the Chargers were keying in on him, and that the opportunities were there for Hill and Hunt this week. Not to mention the fact that the Chiefs only ran 53 offensive plays, compared to 73 for the Chargers. I did notice Kelce doing work as a blocker, with a nice pancake on a big run for Hunt. Then again, he was also flagged for holding on another play. I don’t anticipate the (arguably) best TE in football will be down for long.

RB Charcandrick West: ‘Moosey’ had one shining moment, a 21-yard TD run that was the final nail in the coffin for New England. Other than that, it’s been a very unproductive season for the Chiefs No. 2 RB. Perhaps it’s because Hunt has been so good, or that his running style is better suited for the offense. Perhaps the Chiefs aren’t giving West the ball in good situations for him to succeed. But two attempts this week for -1 yards and a fumble is why Charcandrick is on this list. He does contribute as a pass blocker, and has as many catches this season as he does carries (3). But, his lack of production has me wondering if the team will give someone else some carries. Even if that guy isn’t on the roster right now, as Terez Paylor of the Star speculated here.

Others trending downward this week: Chris Conley, Bryan Witzmann, Demarcus Robinson

Stock Flat

QB Alex Smith: Once again, he’s best described as efficient this week. He threw two TD passes, no INTs, but only 155 yards on 21 attempts. His TD pass to Tyreek Hill was a thing of beauty, but he threw another deep pass too far out of bounds for Hill. Smith’s stumbling into an avoidable sack was also frustrating (he’s done that every week). There were long periods of time where the offense did little or nothing this week. But then Smith is still Smith, doing what it takes for the Chiefs to win games.

Andy Reid: Look, the team is still winning, and the offensive play calling has mostly been fantastic. He’s schemed his way around personnel changes, injuries and is catering to the strength of his players. The team is leading the NFL in penalties and yardage. Seriously, they are giving up 100 yards a game on an average of 11 penalties. Arguably worse, each week, one has been an unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting penalty. If we didn’t know better, we’d think this was an undisciplined team, like the Raiders of years past. Reid is a great coach, but this issue could come back to bite him if he can’t get it under control.

Frank Zombo: Dee Ford left the game early with a hip injury, and Zombo stepped in for the bulk of his snaps. As usual, you didn’t notice him too much, good or bad. The one play that stood out was the pass interference penalty down the field. On one hand, it cost the Chiefs 21 yards. On the other hand, you can’t expect Zombo to be covering a receiver 21 yards down the field. If Ford is unable to go this week, I wonder if we’ll see Tanoh Kpassagnon (and hope we do). Zombo is what he is, so we’ll see if the rookie can make his case to be on the field.

Others who are who we thought they were: Dan Sorensen, Albert Wilson, Phillip Gaines, Derrick Johnson

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