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The AP Tuesday Show: No, Travis Kelce wasn’t being punished

Something I saw a lot of comments about this weekend was whether or not Travis Kelce was being punished from the Andy Reid game plan after taking his third consecutive taunting penalty two games ago against the Eagles. Kelce finished Sunday with just one catch for one yard.

We discussed that on today’s “Tuesday Show,” and in short, the answer is no.

“After watching the film, I think that they targeted him five or six times throughout the game,” former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber explained, “but it just seemed a lot of the time when Kelce was being targeted, the Chiefs had some bad plays as far as the offensive line—they gave up some sacks. [Joey] Bosa and [Melvin] Ingram both getting to [Alex Smith], trying to make that pocket a little bit uncomfortable.”

Barber continued.

“What I did notice is that on five of the targets that I saw for Kelce, three of those targets, [the Chiefs] ended up getting sacked. Those plays were designed for Kelce to open up late in the progression, but the pass rush got there before [Smith] could find him.”

On the show

1:39 – BREAKING NEWS! The Chiefs placed Cairo Santos on Injured Reserve, and Shawn and Pete discussed his replacement.

6:00 – Why did Travis Kelce have such a poor statistical game?

7:34 – Shawn discusses the good and the bad of Marcus Peters?

10:50 – Has Terrance Michell taken a step forward at right cornerback?

12:00 – What does Shawn like about Ramik Wilson?

13:36 – Did Danny Sorensen bring down the hammer on purpose?

16:16 – Addressing the penalty problem the Chiefs are having right now.

20:02 – What does Shawn see in Kareem Hunt that perhaps the average fan wouldn’t notice?

24:49 – Should play usage of Kareem Hunt be a worry?

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