Week Four Preview: Spoiler Alert


You know guys, being the only undefeated team in the AFC, and one of only two undefeated teams in the entire NFL, is so, so sweet a feeling.

This wasn't a pretty game from the Chiefs, as the penalty totals will tell you, but the Chiefs were thoroughly in control the entire game, taking their 17-10 lead into halftime and all the way through the game until Kareem Hunt salted away the win with a 69-yard touchdown run. Nice. (By the way, if anyone's got a link to the Mitch Holthus call for that run, hit me up with the link, either here or on my twitter @AC_Alex)

Terrence Mitchell had a game for the ages, with 9 tackles and 2 INTs against a tough set of receivers, and Marcus Peters notched his first pick of the year, breaking what might have been his longest stretch of games without an interception of his career. Oh, and all three of those picks came in the first four drives of the game. Nice going, guys.

From there, the Chiefs were consistently in control. Alex Smith completed 16 of his 21 passes, only making his first incompletion in the late second quarter or early third, and Kareem Hunt once again went bananas; 17 rushes for 172 yards and a touchdown, having a rookie season that, if it continues at even close to this pace, will have him be a shoe-in for the Rookie of the Year award. He currently leads the NFL in rushing, with 401 yards on the ground, with the next-best player, fellow rookie Dalvin Cook, having just under 290. While Hunt's 10.1 YPC number for the game is misleading, even if you take away his 69 yard TD from the end of the game, he would still have been near the best in the NFL in YPC with 6.4 this week. The Chiefs have been so spoiled with good RBs that I'm not even sure we realize how good we've had it since Priest Holmes first got to town, an unbroken line of dominance from Priest, to Larry Johnson, to the GOAT in Jamaal Charles, and now Kareem Hunt.

Philip Rivers had one of his worst games, completing 20 of 40 for 237 yards and three interceptions with no touchdowns to make up for it. While Melvin Gordon looked dynamic throughout the first half, he was taken out of the game before halftime and did not make his return, and the Chargers offense stalled for the most part. Justin Houston and Allen Bailey both collected sacks, which gives Justin Houston 4 on the year; he's currently on pace for 21 sacks for the year. Could we see him break the single-season sack record? It's entirely possible, as he's tied with Everson Griffin for fourth in the NFL behind Calais Campbell (5), Melvin Ingram (5.5), and Demarcus Lawrence (6.5).

What does this win tell us about the Chiefs? Mostly that they can grind out a win if need to, and still win by double digits. The Chiefs have now had a come-from-behind victory in New England, an overall-dominant performance against Philly, and now a grind-it-out win over a division foe on the road. There is no doubt in my mind that, health permitting, the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. Once Mitch Morse returns to the starting lineup, and with Parker Ehinger likely to re-enter the lineup once healthy, I think the Chiefs are in position to continue tot take the NFL by storm. But before I preview this week's game against the Washington Redskins, its time once again to go around the league and review the football that happened.

Week 3 Review

Thursday Night Football

Rams (1-1) @ Niners (0-2)

My Prediction: Rams 21, Niners 12
Actual Outcome: Rams 41, Niners 39
Fantasy Play of the Game: Cooper Kupp, 1.7 pts.

Well, I'm buying in on the Rams. The Rams, who improve to 2-1 with this win, had a dynamic shootout with the 49ers, with Jared Goff looking legitimate and Todd Gurley going off in a major way, collecting 3 scores and 149 yards from scrimmage in total. While the Rams defense did not play well, allowing the Hoyer-led 49ers to march up and down the field, both teams had one of the most exciting games of the year for a neutral viewer, and the Boss Baby Bowl™ (trademark me) looks to be an exciting game as long as Sean McVay (age 31) and Kyle Shanahan (37) are the head coaches of these two teams.

Sunday, 8:30 Arrowhead Time

Ravens (2-0) @ Jaguars (1-1)

My Prediction: Ravens 20, Jags 9
Actual Outcome: Ravens 7, Jags 44
Fantasy Play of the Game: Mike Wallace, 1.0 pts.

Woof. The Ravens got schooled all the way up and down the field in Wembley Stadium, with Blake Bortles and the Jaguars having their best performance of the season, shutting out the Ravens until late in the 4th quarter. Blake Bortles (20-31 for 244 and 4 TDs) may not have been as good as his numbers suggest, but the team just mollywhopped the vaunted Ravens defense. Joe Flacco was benched in the fourth for Ryan Mallet, who lead the only scoring drive for the Ravens in garbage time. The Jags now have their best start to the season in over a decade, and who knows if they're actually good or not. Football!

Sunday, Noon Arrowhead Time

Broncos (2-0) @ Bills (1-1)

My Prediction: Broncos 31, Bills 13
Actual Outcome: Broncos 16, Bills 26
Fantasy play of the Game: Emmanuel Sanders, 7.5 pts.


*takes deep breath*


Okay, I'm done. The Broncos got schooled by the Bills, whose Tyrod Taylor had himself a game against the "No Fly Zone" defense, to the tune of 20-26, 213 yards and 2 TDs. LeSean McCoy is having a sneaky-bad season, and that continued today, although the Bills were able to create points off of Trevor Siemian's two INTs. The AFC East-leading Bills (leading due to tiebreakers) are at 2-1 and flying high going into week 4.

Steelers (2-0) @ Bears (0-2)

My Prediction: Steelers 21, Bears 10
Actual Outcome: Steelers 17, Bears 23 (OT)
Fantasy play of the Game: Tarik Cohen, 10.2 pts.

The Steelers continue to be an embarrassment away from Heinz field, dropping a game to the lowly Bears in Soldier Field. The Steeler offense continues to look out of sync as Le'Veon Bell struggles and Big Ben plays fairly poorly for his standards, despite having Antonio Brown continue to look dominant as one of the three best receivers in football (Julio is still better, but I digress). Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard make up a highly exciting backfield for Chicago, and when Mike Glennon is inevitably benched for Mitch Trubisky, he should have a solid running game to take the pressure off of his shoulders.

Saints (0-2) @ Panthers (2-0)

My Prediction: Saints 24, Panthers 27
Actual Outcome: Saints 34, Panthers 13
Fantasy play of the Game: Christian McCaffery, 11.7 pts.

The winless Saints finally got off the schneid in Charlotte, where they whipped the Panthers in convincing fashion. It's all part of Sean Payton's plan to go 7-9 every year, but the Saints were finally able to score some points on offense in a must-win game. Cam Newton looked pedestrian in the game (17-26, 167 yards, 3 INTs) and that has to be a concern against a bad Saints defense, but I think it was just one bad game for Cam, and nothing to worry about.

Buccaneers (1-0) @ Vikings (1-1)

My Prediction: Bucs 20, Vikings 7
Actual Outcome: Bucs 17, Vikings 34
Fantasy play of the Game: Jacquizz Rodgers, 1.5 pts.

Case Keenum looked great, much to the surprise of everyone, and Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs went off again, with Thielen actually ranking second in the NFL in receiving so far this year and Diggs ranking third. That's insane! The Vikings defense smothered Jameis Winston's offense (despite DeSean Jackson having himself a day on my fantasy bench) and the Vikings improve to 2-1, tied at the top of the division.

Browns (0-2) @ Colts (0-2)

My Prediction: Browns 24, Colts 10
Actual Outcome: Browns 28, Colts 31
Fantasy play of the Game: Seth DeValve, 2.9 pts.

The Browns let me down again and fell to 0-3 on the season, with Jacoby Brissett looking surprisingly good in his second start for the Colts. Of course, Deshone Kizer throwing three interceptions didn't help either. While I am trying to be optimistic about the Brownies, it's looking like they're heading for another 2 or 3 win season at best. The Colts, meanwhile, look alive with Scott Tolzien firmly on the bench, and if they can be close to .500 when Andrew Luck returns, they might be alive in the again-lacking AFC South.

Dolphins (1-0) @ Jets (0-2)

My Prediction: Dolphins 30, Jets 13
Actual Outcome: Dolphins 6, Jets 20
Fantasy play of the Game: Jay Ajayi, 2.5 pts.

The Jets look like they might not be the football equivalent of zombies this season with a rather convincing win over the Phins. Jay Cutler reverted back to Jay Cutler, and the Jets defense easily bottled up Ajayi to the tune of only 25 yards on 13 touches. The Jets may still be destined for a top 3 pick, but I guess they won't go winless after all. I am confused on how the Dolphins will end up this year. I can easily see them anywhere between 6-10 and 10-6.

Texans (1-1) @ Patriots (1-1)

My Prediction: Texans 14, Patriots 24
Actual Outcome: Texans 33, Patriots 36
Fantasy play of the Game: James White, 2.8 pts.

Deshaun Watson had himself one hell of a game! Going 22 of 33 for 301 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs as a rookie QB in New England? Damn, Deshaun. The Texans put up a fight against the Evil Empire, even holding a lead in the last two minutes of the game before a late Brady to Cooks TD put the Pats in the lead for good. The Texans defense swarmed Brady, with Jadeveon Clowney sacking Brady twice, and five team sacks total for the game. The Texans may be 1-2, but I think they're better than that record.

Falcons (2-0) @ Lions (2-0)

My Prediction: Falcons 26, Lions 23
Actual Outcome: Falcons 30, Lions 26
Fantasy play of the Game: Mohamed Sanu Jr., 8.8 pts.

This was, as I said last week, a crackerjack game. It was back and forth all day, and came down to the last play, where a controversial call (and subsequent runoff of the clock) sealed the victory for the Falcons. A buddy of mine, who is a Lions fan, texted me after the game that "Only the Lions ever get those calls" and I can't disagree. The Lions look legit, though, and if they can hang with the Packers, they could win this division.

Giants (0-2) @ Eagles (1-1)

My Prediction: Giants 14, Eagles 27
Actual Outcome: Giants 24, Eagles 27
Fantasy play of the Game: Darren Sproles, 1.1 pts

Darren Sproles tore his ACL and broke his arm on the same play. Ouch.

The Eagles held the Giants scoreless until the fourth, when the Giants scored 24 points to tie it up before rookie kicker Jake Elliot kicked a 61 yarder to win the game for the Eagles. The Giants drop yet another game, virtually guaranteeing themselves to miss the playoffs, and Eli Manning still sucks. It will be a travesty of justice if he gets in the Hall of Fame.

Sunday, 3:00 Arrowhead Time

Seahawks (1-1) @ Titans (1-1)

My Prediction: Seahawks 13, Titans 20
Actual Outcome: Seahawks 27, Titans 33
Fantasy play of the Game: Derrick Henry, 6.4 pts.

The Titans got their second win, going blow for blow with the Seahawks and pulling out a win against a strong defense's worst day. The Seahawks look miserable for the most part on offense, where their offensive line has become so bad that they tried to do a screen play where all five OL attempted a cut block. Gross.

Bengals (0-2) @ Packers (1-1)

My Prediction: Bengals 6, Packers 24
Actual Outcome: Bengals 24, Packers 27 (OT)
Fantasy play of the Game: Ty Montgomery, 5.0 pts

The Bengals lead nearly the entire game before losing in OT. Against the Packers, who are a popular pick to go to the Super Bowl. Dalton looked a lot better in Bill Lazor's new offensive scheme, going 21 for 27 with 212 yards and 2 TDs, although if they continue to lose look for Marvin Lewis to bench him for AJ McCarron. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers won his first game in overtime, and is now 1-7 in his career. Fun fact: those 7 OT losses make up 13% of all of his losses in his career. So if you want to beat the Packers, take them to OT (easier said than done).

Sunday Night Football

Raiders (2-0) @ Redskins (1-1)

My Prediction: Raiders 24, Redskins 19
Actual Outcome: Raiders 10, Redskins 27
Fantasy play of the Game: Amari Cooper, 0.6 pts.

The Redskins took the Raiders behind the woodshed in front of the entire nation, making Derek Carr look like David Carr, going 19 for 31 for 118 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs, and taking 4 sacks on the night; for those keeping track at home, that's a measly 3.81 yards per attempt (cc: HisDirkness, the conductor on the Derek Carr is Overrated Train) Kirk Cousins looked hot in his best game of the season, and Josh Norman shut down Amari Cooper all night.

Monday Night Football

Cowboys (1-1) @ Cardinals (1-1)

My Prediction: Cowboys 24, Cardinals 17
Actual Outcome: Cowboys 28, Cardinals 17
Fantasy play of the Game: JJ Nelson, 0.0 pts

The Cardinals came out to a roaring start, controlling the ball for 13 minutes in the first quarter and carving up the Dallas D. After kicker Phil Dawson missed a field goal, however, the momentum shifted towards Dallas and they never let up. Two horrendous challenges in the fourth quarter later, the Cowboys were victorious.

Week 3 Pick Results: 8-8
Year to Date Results: 25-22

Week 4 Preview

The still-undefeated Chiefs return home to Arrowhead this week, where they will face off against the 2-1 Washington Redskins, who are coming off a Sunday Night Football rout of the Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs have only faced the Redskins once in the Andy Reid era, a 45-10 embarrassment of the RG3-led team that saw Griffin sacked 5 times, and backup Kirk Cousins sacked once in a relief effort.

Who are the Washington Redskins? It's a question I think is very worth asking. They began the season in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, then won two consecutive games against the Rams and Raiders, funnily enough scoring 27 points in both their victories. Quarterback Kirk Cousins, making near $24 million for his services this year on a second consecutive franchise tag, has been up and down this season; against the Eagles, he completed just over 50% of his passes with one TD and a pick, as well as a lost fumble, while against the Raiders, he went 25 of 30 for 365 and 3 TDs.

I did a bit of snooping around on, which is what the Skins call their SBNation blog for some weird reason. They're in particularly good spirits, as one normally is after beating a good team at home. From HogsHaven writer Jamual Forrest:

At one point the Redskins out-gained Oakland by nearly 400 yards with a 463-71 advantage and finished the night out-gaining Oakland 472 yards to just 128 yards by Oakland. Although the secondary made the biggest play to start the night, the front seven of Washington dominated the battle in the trenches. Quarterback Derek Carr had very little time to throw with comfort, but when he did the corners and safeties were on the receiver’s hips or were flying to the football after a completion.

To start with the Redskins, there is an abundance of skill position players on offense that pose problems for any defensive coordinator; however, there is one player that the Chiefs cannot afford to forget about: running back Chris Thompson. Thompson is enjoying a breakout year to the tune of 350 yards from scrimmage at 13 yards per touch. He tore up the Raiders to the tune of 150 receiving yards on Sunday night, and has been doing work all season to keep the offense running. If Thompson is allowed to get the ball, it will probably be a bad sign for the Chiefs defensively. The Redskins also have an embarrassment of riches at the Wide Receiver position, with Jamison Crowder, Terrelle Pryor Sr., and former first round pick Josh Doctson, who missed nearly all of his rookie season with an Achillies injury. While none of them will be confused for the best receiver in the league, defending all three of them will require a certain degree of scheming from HeisenBob.

Another area to keep an eye on is the Redskins front seven, lead by top-notch left tackle Trent Williams and right guard Brandon Scherff. The offensive line has managed to keep Kirk Cousins fairly clean through the first three weeks, allowing only 7 sacks against two very tough defensive lines in Philly and LA, as well as a top pass rusher in Khalil Mack. Getting pressure on Kirk Cousins will be key, so the match-ups to watch here are right tackle Morgan Moses against Justin Houston and center Spencer Long against Chris Jones/Bennie Logan. If the Chiefs can collapse the pocket from the inside, flushing Kirk Cousins out into the waiting arms of Justin Houston, it bodes well for the Chiefs; if not, it might be a long night.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Redskins don't have many blue-chip guys; mainly Josh Norman, a top 15 CB in the league, and DE Jonathon Allen, their first-round DL. However, defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has brought this defense a nasty edge, and the players have all been coming together well to force big stops, turnovers, and hits. Resident psychopath Junior Galette has been good coming off the bench, and CB Bashaud Breeland (which sounds like a name from a Key and Peele skit more than a real one) has done well opposite Josh Norman on the back end. This defense is playing above the sum of its parts (especially to hold a frisky Raiders offense to such paltry numbers at home) and the Chiefs need to be looking for how to exploit it.

Luckily, however, the Chiefs have a way to exploit any defense; speed, speed, and more speed. Tyreek Hill has been good for at least one big gainer every week, and top CB Josh Norman, who will likely take on Hill in coverage, isn't known as a burner: he ran a 4.66 40-yard at the combine. Bashaud Breeland is slightly faster, a 4.62 40-yard guy, but neither of them will be able to keep up with the raw speed and route-running of Tyreek Hill, so he'll likely draw FS DJ Swearinger or rookie Montae Nicholson over the top. Kareem Hunt is another factor in this, and while his speed isn't elite, his burst and tough running style will allow him to take advantage of any holes that the OL will be able to open against the interior DL.

Another way that the Chiefs can take advantage of the Redskins is, and this is said with all seriousness, involve their best offensive player. Travis Kelce, goofball or not, is an elite-level tight end, and the fact that he only had one catch against the Chargers is #notgood. The Redskins secondary isn't a world-beater, and taking advantage of this fact by throwing the ball to the human mismatch would be an easy way to open up our offensive gameplan. By having a dynamic talent at TE, WR, and RB, the Chiefs have an offense that, by necessity, means that opposing defenses must spread themselves thin and cover all three levels of the field. If Kelce can have a big game, the Chiefs will likely be able to find the holes in coverage that devoting two men to Kelce will create.

Finally, the Chiefs have a decided advantage at Head Coach; Gruden is an okay coach, but Andy Reid looks like he's coaching out of his mind this year. The varied looks on offense seem to be tailor-made so that he can confuse defenses, his clock management has been better than usual so far, and he looks determined that this will be his year. I like it.

However, as I was writing this preview section, the news that Cairo Santos is going on IR broke. This, in my mind, creates a very dangerous situation for the Chiefs; Cairo is a very good kicker, not elite, but good at all phases of the kicking game and cool under pressure. His replacement is Harrison Butker, formerly of the Panthers' practice squad. This is less than ideal, and while it's better than bringing back Sam Ficken, we have no idea how well Butker will fare in-game. Dave Toub has lost one of his aces in ST.

Chiefs Offense V Redskins Defense

I'm giving the edge here to the Chiefs. Alex Smith is having a very strong season so far, and with Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt both able to explode on any given play, I like the chances of that continuing. While the Redskins front seven has some talent on it, I think that Hunt's punishing style of running, combined with his patience behind the LOS, will be a nightmare to defend, commanding a heavy box that Alex Smith can take advantage of in the passing game (hopefully).

Redskins Offense V Chiefs Defense

I'll give the edge to the Chiefs here as well. Kirk Cousins is a solid QB, but isn't elite, and he's likely to test Marcus Peters a few times, which is always a good sign for us. With Terrence Mitchell having a balls-out game last week, and the front seven causing tons of pressure all season long, I think that the Skins won't be able to hold out.

Special Teams

If this were just evaluating kickers, I'd give the edge to the Redskins; a kicker in his first career game is rarely a winning bet. However, considering Dave Toub and our ST unit's general effectiveness so far, even with Dustin Colquitt looking like he's in his final year, I give the edge to the Chiefs.


I want to include a little anecdote here about why Reid is a much better coach than Gruden. After Kareem Hunt fumbled the ball on his first carry, the Chiefs coaching staff trusted him, feeding him the ball over and over to make sure he keeps his confidence. When Redskins rookie RB Samaje Perine fumbled the ball, Gruden benched him for the rest of the game, and made sure to say that they "don't forget fumbles." Getting that kind of mentality in a RB is a killer for their confidence, and Perine hasn't been able to perform well yet this season. Big Red lets his players succeed, while Gruden gets petty over minor failures. Andy Reid all day.

How the Chiefs Can Win

Pressure Kirk Cousins into making ill-advised throws or taking sacks. Bully the Redskins front, and let our special teamers give us solid field position so that the offense can work. Give the ball early and often to Travis Kelce in the seam, and feed Kareem Hunt 15-20 touches in the game. An early deep shot to Tyreek Hill could put us in a favorable position, and use our strong D to hold that lead while we build it up.

How the Redskins Can Win

Target Philip Gaines in the passing game, and involve Chris Thompson as much as possible. Use your DL and edge rushers to overpower the Chiefs OL, especially backup C Zach Fulton, and contain Alex Smith in the pocket. Successfully bracket Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce for long enough that your pass rush gets home.

My Prediction

This will be a tough, hard-fought game in Arrowhead. The Redskins look tough to take down, and there's always a worry in my mind on a prime time game. However, I think the Chiefs take this one, 28-20.

The Rest of the NFL

Thursday Night Football

Bears (1-2) @ Packers (2-1): Bears 13, Packers 28

It's been quite a while since the Bears won in Lambeau, and I don't see any reason that Mike Glennon will get that monkey off the Bears' backs. Fantasy play of the Game: Davante Adams.

Sunday, 8:30 Arrowhead Time

Saints (1-2) @ Dolphins (1-1): Saints 14, Dolphins 16

The woeful Saints travel to London to face the woeful Dolphins. Don't wake up early to watch this one. Fantasy play of the Game: Jay Ajayi.

Sunday, Noon Arrowhead Time

Panthers (2-1) @ Patriots (2-1): Panthers 20, Patriots 24

The Patriots defense has looked... Bad, this year. Maybe that's what happens when your coach jettisons all your good linebackers instead of paying them. Regardless, I think Tommy Boy pulls this one off at home to improve to 3-1. Fantasy play of the Game: Curtis Samuel.

Jaguars (2-1) @ Jets (1-2): Jaguars 30, Jets 12

I don't see the Jets winning many more games this year, and the Jags will really fool everyone before their late season collapse. Jags in a laugher. Fantasy play of the Game: Allen Hurns.

Titans (2-1) @ Texans (1-2): Titans 24, Texans 21

I'm inclined to think the Texans pull off an upset here, because this division will be won on tiebreakers after both these teams finish 8-8, but I'm gonna put my faith in the Titans to take care of business here. Fantasy play of the Game: Marcus Mariota

Steelers (2-1) @ Ravens (2-1): Steelers 20, Ravens 21

Both these teams got whupped up on by inferior, cellar-dweller teams last week (much to my amusement), and it's very difficult for me to pick this one. The Ravens defense and Steelers defense should both force turnovers and make htis a very close game. but I'll give it to the Ravens because the Steelers suck away from Pittsburgh. Fantasy play of the Game: Breshad Perriman.

Bengals (0-3) @ Browns (0-3): Browns 24, Bengals 14

Half of the winless teams in the league meet up in Believeland. Come on Brownies, you can do it. Fantasy play of the Game: Isaiah Crowell.

Lions (2-1) @ Vikings (2-1): Lions 29, Vikings 24

The NFC North looks very frisky this season (until the Packers dominate like always) and I like the Lions to do well this season. I don't buy Case Keenum, despite his god-like performance in week 3, so I'm taking Matty Stafford to win an exciting one. Fantasy play of the Game: Stefon Diggs.

Rams (2-1) @ Cowboys (2-1): Rams 24, Cowboys 27

These two teams are very similar; second year QBs with dominant RBs, underrated defenses, a bevy of good pass-catchers. I like the Cowboys in Jerryworld, but keep an eye on this one, it'll be close. Fantasy play of the Game: Gerald Everett.

Bills (2-1) @ Falcons (2-1): Bills 19, Falcons 27

The AFC East-leading Bills (LOL) travel to Megatron's Butthole in Atlanta to face off the angry Dirty Birds. I don't think it'll be as close as the score implies, as the Falcons defense allows a late TD to Jordan Matthews. Fantasy play of the Game: Austin Hooper.

Sunday, 3:05 Arrowhead Time

Eagles (2-1) @ Chargers (0-3): Eagles 19, Chargers 17

The Eagles head down to LA, where they squeak out the game on a late FG by Jake Elliot. When LA tries to answer, Younghoe Koo's kick doinks off the upright after being deflected. Fantasy play of the Game: Nelson Agholor.

49ers (0-3) @ Cardinals (1-2): 49ers 21, Cardinals 16

Kyle Shanahan gets his first win as a head coach in Glendale, where the Old Men Brigade of Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, and Phil Dawson all have poor days. Fantasy play of the Game: Pierre Garçon.

Giants (0-3) @ Buccaneers (1-1): Giants 14, Bucs 10

The Giants defense picks off Jameis more than once, and Eli passes for less than 200 yards but gets the win. Fantasy play of the Game: Giants D.

Sunday, 3:25 Arrowhead Time

Raiders (2-1) @ Broncos (2-1): Raiders 20, Broncos 27

I don't think the Raider are as bad as we saw them on Sunday night; however, I also don't tend to pick against the Broncos in Mile High. This is a strength on strength matchup, and the only weakness is the Raiders defense. A late TD by Jamaal seals it for the Donkeys. Fantasy play of the Game: Jamaal Charles. :(

Sunday, 7:30 Arrowhead Time

Colts (1-2) @ Seahawks (1-2): Colts 14, Seahawks 17

I bet the schedulemakers thought this would be a solid game when they drew it up. Now, it might be the worst primetime bout that doesn't involve the Jaguars. Seahawks have a defense, while the Colts don't. Fantasy play of the Game: Blair Walsh.

Final Thoughts

I'm tempted to put my thoughts about the National Anthem protests here, but I know you don't care. I will, however, remind you not to do stupid, racist stuff like this for the game; it only makes us look bad. The Chiefs are on the warpath, enjoy the games.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.