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Do you realize how far back this Chiefs 50-yard TD streak goes?

I follow the Chiefs pretty closely, which you’d expect given I run a Chiefs blog. I think I’m pretty up to date on all the various streaks the Chiefs have going, like Kareem Hunt and his streak of three straight games with a 50-plus yard touchdown.

When you include the entire Chiefs team, that 50-plus yard touchdown streak goes back much further.

Are you serious? I didn’t realize this. It’s right though (would be kind of a letdown if it wasn’t right). By my count the last Chiefs game without a 50-plus yard touchdown was the Bucs game on November 20 when they lost 19-17.

Tyreek Hill has a bunch of these. His streak of games with a 60-plus yard score ended last week. Kareem Hunt has picked it up since then. Albert Wilson’s contribution was that fake punt in Atlanta. Travis Kelce had the 80-yarder off the screen against Denver.

What a streak.

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