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Andy Reid on how much the Chiefs are using Kareem Hunt

It is not too long ago that KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was having to answer questions about the amount of time running back Jamaal Charles was touching the football per game.

When Charles was healthy, he was the Chiefs’ best skill player. Of course, he’s now a member of the Denver Broncos—and no longer Reid’s problem.

But Charles’ name came up Monday when Reid was asked about rookie Kareem Hunt. Our own podcast host, Shawn Barber, has mentioned before that he does have some concerns about Hunt tiring once it gets later in the year.

College teams play 12 games. NFL teams hope to play 19 or 20.

“There are things that happen there— I’ve seen enough make it through and I’ve seen some hit a wall,” Reid said in a conference call. “We’ll see how it rolls here as we go. The next question would be if I didn’t, you’d be asking if I need to give him the ball more (laughing). I’ve been through that, I went through that with Jamaal. First it was too much and then not enough and then too much, and it goes back and forth, so I just go off of the feel I have and experience, so we’ll be all right there.”

Hunt finished with 17 carries for 172 yards and a 69-yard touchdown Sunday. He leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 538.

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