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NFL reporter Pete Prisco is tired of Chiefs fans telling him he was wrong

Sometimes the best part of winning is telling everyone else they were wrong. That’s what Kansas City Chiefs fans are feeling right now with a lot of the media. Alex Smith is better than you think and so is Kareem Hunt. The defense means the Chiefs can hang with anyone. This team has one of the best coaches in the league.

These are all things Chiefs fans know. We talk about it all the time and since we follow our team so close we think we know them better than national writers like Pete Prisco at CBS Sports. Usually we’re telling someone they’re wrong because they picked the Chiefs to finish second in the division behind the Raiders.

Prisco went a step further and predicted the Chiefs would finish last in the AFC West with eight wins. Apparently, Chiefs fans were pointing that out to him so much this weekend that he had to tweet this out:




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