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Why Alex Smith’s comments on Donald Trump stand out

Quarterbacks don’t usually get into politics. They don’t usually get into anything divisive. There are exceptions, of course, but I always think of that line that Michael Jordan famously said (or didn’t say): Republicans buy sneakers, too.

For quarterbacks, it’s often the best move not to get too involved in anything divisive. KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith apparently didn’t get the memo and had some comments Sunday after the game on President Donald Trump’s “son of a bitch” comments.

“I’m talking about the comments that were made by the president, targeting the NFL, targeting the quality and character of guys in this league for that very protest. I found that very alarming.”

You can go to the Star to read his full comments — it gets more pointed. I’m not here to get into the specifics of his comments as much as to point out that this is how much of a chord this has struck with NFL players. Here we have Alex Smith, the guy who was so indecisive he couldn’t name his favorite Thanksgiving day food (in a hilarious segment on 610 a few years ago — “Turkey stands out”), took a stand on this.

Alex knew since at least Friday night he would be asked about this on Sunday so he put some thought into this. It’s a sign of where we are that he of all people is coming out and saying this. Alex wasn’t the only one. There were other players, including quarterbacks, who said something. All it took was calling players SOBs!

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