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Arrowheadlines: Alex Smith takes his shot at Donald Trump, Justin Houston was praying

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Chiefs 24, Chargers 10: Five takeaways from the game plus your questions and comments.

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Sunday, 24 September 2017

Chiefs vs. Chargers: 10 Observations |

With the victory, the Chiefs extended their AFC West winning streak to a franchise-tying 12 games, which stretches back more than two years and almost 700 days.

The Chiefs also won 12-straight divisional games between 1994-96.

It also marked the seventh-straight win for the Chiefs over the Chargers, who moved to 0-3 on the year—with all three losses coming from a combined 19 points.

Chiefs fans take over with chant at end of Chargers' game in LA |

The Los Angeles Chargers are playing at the StubHub Center until a new stadium in L.A. is built that will be their home with the Rams.

The StubHub Center seats 27,000, most of which were Chiefs fans on Sunday, where a “Chiefs! Chiefs! Chiefs!” chant could easily be heard at the end of the game.

Chiefs beat Chargers: 7 winners, 2 losers | Arrowhead Pride

As teams do focus on Mitchell, Marcus Peters has seen less targets. But Rivers targeted Peters on the Chargers’ second drive Sunday and he made him pay with his first interception of the season. Peters leads the NFL in picks since the beginning of his career in 2015— he has 15.

The pick Sunday was especially sweet considering who it came against.

When Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was nursing his ACL injury last season, he tweeted about Peter being a “bum.”

Chiefs report card: Pass defense, running game lead charge vs. LA | The Kansas City Star

Reason to hope: The Chiefs managed to pull out a hard-fought road win with their best offensive receiving target (Travis Kelce) rendered ineffective.

Chiefs topple Chargers again, win 24-10 in LA | The Kansas City Star

Funny thing was, Hunt would soon realize he actually didn’t make the best possible choice by scoring on the play. Had he simply gotten the first down but fallen short of the end zone, it would have allowed the Chiefs to run out the clock and avoid the desperate march the Chargers were able to mount on their ensuing drive. The Chiefs staff gently reminded him of this after the play, though it was hard to be upset.

“I don’t want to ruin a good thing and he was sky-high,” coach Andy Reid said with a chuckle. “When you have green grass in front of you and how hard it is to get in that end zone, it’s hard to turn it off.”

Chiefs' shovel pass "unstoppable" | The Kansas City Star

We are talking about the read-option shovel pass, and on this day, the package gave the Chiefs their second touchdown, and Albert Wilson an opportunity to go Keith Cash (he didn’t get the reference after the game, but still) in rifling the ball against a Chargers sign behind the goal post.

“As you’ve seen,” Hill said, “that play is unstoppable.”

Mistakes on special teams prove costly for Chargers in loss to Chiefs | LA Times

But the next special teams mistake hurt. Another sack of Smith, this one shared by Joey Bosa and Corey Liuget, forced Kansas City to attempt a 51-yard field goal midway through the second quarter.

Cairo Santos missed the kick, but Jenkins, charging hard off the left edge, ran into Santos as he lunged for the block and was called for a 15-yard, roughing-the-kicker penalty.

That gave the Chiefs a first down on the Chargers’ 18. Four plays later, Santos nailed a 34-yard field goal to give Kansas City a 17-7 lead.

Chiefs' Justin Houston shines on sideline, field | The Kansas City Star

“I feel like people are complaining about kneeling and people are complaining about standing, but I feel like it’s pointless,” he said. “They’re not changing anything, and I feel like prayer changes everything.

“So I was praying before the game. Because I pray that we come together as one instead of being separate.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith takes aim at Donald Trump | The Kansas City Star

“I’m talking about the comments that were made by the president, targeting the NFL, targeting the quality and character of guys in this league for that very protest. I found that very alarming.

“It’s the same guy who couldn’t condemn violent neo-Nazis. And he’s condemning guys taking a knee during the anthem.

“There are bigger issues out there that he probably should be worried about. But for some reason the NFL is on his mind.”

Kareem Hunt's historic start keeps Chiefs perfect vs. Chargers | USA Today

The third-round running back from Toledo blasted up the middle and streaked 69 yards for a touchdown that added to the historic start to his debut NFL season. Hunt, who entered the game as the NFL’s leading rusher, finished with 172 yards on 17 carries, but just as impressively kept his streak of long-distance touchdowns flowing.

He’s the first player in NFL history to score touchdowns from scrimmage of at least 50 yards in three consecutive games to start his career.

Chiefs 24, Chargers 10: Insta-reaction! | The Kansas City Star

If a human being sat in every seat of this stadium, and then was bussed to Arrowhead Stadium, they would not fill even the lower bowl. The StubHub Center is awkwardly small for the scope of the NFL, like hosting a board meeting in a Honda Civic.

And it’s awesome!

Honestly, I’m all in with this. It’s intimate, intense. Every seat is close to the field — even the seats they tarped off — so the crowd reactions are immediate and informed in a way that’s often lost when many in a crowd of 70,000 need binoculars to see if that was Ross Travis or Travis Kelce.

'Same old Chargers' fall to 0-3 with loss to Chiefs | The San Diego Union-Tribune

“I really just was never in any kind of groove the whole day,” Rivers said somberly. “Shoot, any time the quarterback plays that poorly, it’s going to tough to be win. It’s really a shame because our defense was awesome.”

Chiefs' Clark Hunt offers weak response to Donald Trump | The Kansas City Star

Hunt took too long drafting a statement that did not even acknowledge what’s being talked about.

It was sad, really. In many real ways, Hunt was born and raised for this job of operating an NFL team. His father founded the AFL, and led many sports in America — not just football — forward with innovation, humility and a natural instinct about what people would pay for.

Hunt saw and knows that side of his father as well as anyone, but also came up in a different time, with a 21st century businessman’s sense of strategic thinking as the NFL’s scope of business has skyrocketed.

Chiefs’ Clark Hunt responds to Trump’s comments on national anthem | The Kansas City Star

“Basically what I said to guys is, ‘Hey, if you feel led to protest, protest. If you feel led to stand, stand. There’s no pressure to do it either way,’” Conley explained. “There were some guys who were like ‘Oh, I don’t know.’ And I was like ‘Dude, if you’ve got to think about it, stand.’ We’re not pressuring anybody to do anything.

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