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NFL picks and predictions: Can the Chargers upset the Chiefs? (No)

Chiefs-Chargers predictions: Week 3

Prediction time! Pete Sweeney, Seth Keysor and former Chiefs LB Shawn Barber

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Find my picks for all Week 3 games here. Below are the Arrowhead Pride staff picks for Chiefs vs. Chargers on Sunday.

Chiefs 24 Chargers 23

I’m on record as being nervous about this game but I’m nervous about every game. The Chiefs have shown they’re good enough that I should have more faith in them beating San Diego. While I do think they’ll win, this could be close. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 24 Chargers 20

The Chargers are Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. Wins are Lucy. Not to sound too much like Andy Reid, but LA is a good football team. Good end results avoid them like the plague though. Just like last week, another big test for the Chiefs offensive line. Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are #good. There was more quick game passing from the Chiefs offense last week than in New England to counter the Eagles strong front. I expect the same in the soccer stadium on Sunday. Phillip Rivers chucks his throwing glove in disgust at least once, Chiefs stop him and the offense late for a victory. -Kent Swanson

Chiefs 30 Chargers 17

Alex Smith loves playing in southern California. As a Chief Alex Smith has a 109.0 passer rating in away games vs the Chargers. Smith will have another impressive game (250-plus passing yards, two touchdowns) thus adding more fuel to the Alex Smith has changed phenomenon. I wanted to say the Chargers will score less than 17 because I don't think the Chargers offensive line will hold up well against the Chiefs pass rush. This game could get ugly quick as Philip Rivers tries to do too much and eventually turns the ball over. Talent-wise the Chiefs are superior to the Chargers in nearly every position group. The Chargers will have to devise the perfect game plan to win this game, while the Chiefs just need to be average to win. The only thing making this game seem closer than it actually is will be the garbage time touchdown the Chargers always seem to score against the Chiefs. -Gary McKenzie

Chiefs 31 Chargers 24

The Chiefs are getting talked about in ways they haven’t been in a very long time and even though I too believe they are a great team, it’s important to remember the parity in the NFL. Whereas the Chiefs have taken advantage over such parity in the last few years, the Chargers have been very much a victim. 4-18 in one-score games since 2015 has to be demoralizing, and I think they come out hungry in this one to turn their season around. Unfortunately for them, I think the Chiefs are better in every aspect, and my expectation is that 18 turns into a 19. -Pete Sweeney

Chiefs 35 Chargers 17

There are games the Chiefs aren't expected to win, ones they should win, and then there are division games. Never take an AFC West opponent lightly. In any given year, anything can happen in division games. Stats and records are out the window, expect this to be a close, possibly ugly game. That said, if the Chargers weren't in the division, I would expect the Chiefs to win fairly comfortably. The Chargers have some good skill players on offense , with a bad OL. They have good pass rushers, but are vulnerable up the middle and against the run. The Chiefs have a coaching advantage, and the Chargers are in year one of a new defense. Don't overlook this game, but the Chiefs should dominate. -Matt Stagner

Chiefs 31 Chargers 20

While the Chargers always manage to play the Chiefs tough, the coaching once again makes the difference and the Chargers can't overcome injuries to a few key players. Stop me if you've heard that one before. -Seth Keysor

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