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How would Chiefs split up Kareem Hunt’s carries if Spencer Ware weren’t hurt?

I’ve wondered this over the past couple of weeks. What would the Chiefs have done if Spencer Ware hadn’t been hurt in the preseason? Would Kareem Hunt have won the job outright?

We don’t know the answer to that question and the Chiefs don’t either. At least they say they don’t.

“I honestly have no idea,” Chiefs OC Matt Nagy said when asked what the workload between Ware and Hunt would’ve been if not for the injury. “You know we went into it and there was the unknown with Kareem, there was the known with Spencer and Spencer’s a great back along with Charcandrick (West) and the other guys. So going into the season we said it from the start we were going to go together as a committee, and I think you see that with a lot of teams right now. You see guys helping each other out and it’s a physical game so it happened to go out this way and it turned out to be Kareem’s job and obviously Charcandrick and the other guys are filling in.”

I remember after Ware was hurt that Andy Reid seemed oddly confident in the remaining running backs. The Chiefs cut CJ Spiller a couple times since then so he probably wasn’t talking about Spiller. He was talking about Hunt. I didn’t see this type of player in the preseason. I didn’t expect this at all so it’s a welcome surprise.

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