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The Chargers are not playing good football right now

On today’s Arrowhead Pride Podcast, I suggest to the panel that the Kansas City Chiefs better be careful with this game against the Los Angeles Chargers, as a division around could turn the whole season around for them.

Our own Shawn Barber, the former Chiefs LB, had other ideas.

“Nah, unfortunately it isn’t,” he said.

“The Chargers, watching film of them from the first two games, they’re not playing good football. They get down, and then the other team, because of a lack of defensive pressure, you go back to a prevent and then you allow Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon, you start getting some momentum.

“Even in that Denver game, it still took two turnovers in a row to get them back in the game. You know [the Chargers] have the talent. They definitely have offensive talent—they got Hunter Henry and they have Gordon, they have Allen, so they have weapons that can hurt you, but their offensive line is not that good. It matches well with our strength, which is our defensive line. We should dominate that front the entire game. As long as we don’t play prevent defense and give them a chance to get back in the game, kind of like what happened last game, I think it becomes a win by the Chiefs by about 17 points.”

Whew. Here’s a full look at the show:

On the show:

0:50 – What did we learn about the Chiefs from their game against the Eagles last week?

2:18 – What did we make of Andy Reid’s reaction to the Travis Kelce questions?

7:31 – What is the deal with the Chargers and being so bad in close games? Could a win against the Chiefs turn around their season?

11:25 – Will playing at the StubHub Center bring about any differences?

14:10 – Shawn evaluates the best parts of the Chargers defense.

15:25 – Does the #NewAlex show up in LA?

16:14 – What can we expect from Tyreek Hill this weekend?

17:30 – What do the guys make of Kareem Hunt’s start?

18:53 – How worried are we that Mitch Morse won’t play this week?

20:10 – Marcus Peters finally meets Keenan Allen after Allen called Peters a bum on Twitter.

21:25 – Shawn provides some insight on the best parts of the Chargers offense to watch.

24:36 – Game: This or That: what’s more likely?

30:13 – Game predictions

It's Game Time.

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