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The Marcus Peters-Keenan Allen beef revisited

The Marcus Peters-Keenan Allen beef returns this weekend. This beef history goes back to Week 1 when the Chiefs were playing the Chargers.

Allen started off pretty well against Peters in Week 1 last year before he was hurt and had to leave the game. That injury ended his season but we remembered the little rivalry it seemed they had going on the field.

Then last December when the Chiefs were playing the Chargers again, Allen tweeted out, “I know who happy I'm not playing this week! Haha #bum” and went on to respond on Twitter trash talking Peters.

Peters doesn’t know where the beef came from. Maybe it’s a coincidence but before Allen tweeted that stuff Peters was quoted in a story acting like he didn’t know who Chargers WR Tyrell Williams was. So maybe that’s what set him off?

The beef returns to the field this weekend when Allen will face off against Peters. I wonder how much they will actually see each other though. Peters usually stays on his side of the field and if the Chargers are smart they will try to keep Allen, their best receiver, on the other side of the field away from Peters. We’ll see how they handle it this weekend.

Do you think we’ll get a reminder of this beef on the field this weekend?

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