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Chiefs-Raiders still looking like one of the best games on the schedule

I said it before the season and it’s still true today The best game on the Chiefs 2017 schedule is the first Raider game in Oakland. Thursday night games suck, that’s true. But this one will put two of the best teams in the AFC against each other.

It’s not just me either. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said you have to wait to see the Chiefs play the Raiders before figuring out who they are. And he might go to the game and find out.

“You know me, I’m allergic to the cold weather,” said Stephen A. Smith, who is being quoted here only for pageview reasons. “I don’t like it too much but I might have to stroll up to the midwest and stroll to Kansas City to watch them against Kansas City when Oakland comes to town next month. I might have to show up there for that game.”

The Chiefs play the Raiders in Oakland next month. The Chiefs host the Raiders at Arrowhead in Week 14. I’m not sure which game Stephen A. Smith is talking about. It’s weird how he wouldn’t be completely informed on something before talking about it.

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