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Chiefs’ Alex Smith has never seen the AFC West like this

KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith said this offseason that the AFC West is “loaded”. Two games into the season and he hasn’t changed his mind. The Chiefs QB spoke with the KC media on Wednesday and when asked about the AFC West he talked about how tough of a division it is right now.

“The division games are always big,” Alex said. “I just think this division, the parity from top to bottom is so crazy. Everyone is playing at such a high level. I don’t know if I have ever seen anything like this with what is going on in this division right now.

“I know (the Chargers) are 0-2, but they are two kicks from being 2-0. It is still a really good football team. The parity from top to bottom in this division is so good and I think that is what makes it really unique.”

Top to bottom, it’s the best division in football and I’m not sure it’s all that close. The Chargers are the best 0-2 team in the NFL. I see three playoff teams in the AFC West as a very real possibility. That would mean two of these three - Chiefs, Raiders or Broncos - would be road teams on Wild Card weekend.

The Chiefs are certainly going to earn it if they win the West this year.

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