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Andy Reid gives John Dorsey credit for Kareem Hunt

Andy Reid was asked what he saw in Kareem Hunt that made him think he could fit into the Chiefs offense, especially the passing game.

“Listen, Dorsey gets credit for that,” Reid said.

Dorsey is the Chiefs former GM repalced by Brett Veach. Imagine having a co-worker who was fired and then you hear your boss praising them after they were fired. That’s basically what this situation is (especially if your friend is an NFL GM).

“I just saw (Hunt) on Thursday nights, sitting in my office and he looked like he was a good player,” Reid continued. “He always seemed to finish the game strong. You know Thursday night games, you’re doing your work and you have the game on and he kind of jumped out on that team there, they relied on him quite a bit.”

There were actually more Wednesday games for Toledo late in the year so maybe Reid is getting his days mixed up. If you’re still in the office when football games are on, you’er probably working a lot and I can forgive you for mixing your days up.

“Dorsey had me watch tape on him after the season and I thought he was a good player,” Reid said, “I thought he caught the ball well. He was tough, he was smart and thought he would fit in well.”

I wonder how often we’ll be talking about “Dorsey’s guys”. Probably at least a couple of years until Veach makes his mark on the team.

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