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A new potential nickname for the Kansas City Chiefs defensive line

We have a new potential nickname for the KC Chiefs defensive line and I’m not even sure if it’s appropriate. Or maybe it is.

Let’s take it for a test run. Phil Simms on Inside The NFL called the Chiefs defensive line three MEAT WAGONS.

Bennie Logan, Allen Bailey and Chris Jones,” Simms said. “Man, these are three meat wagons. I mean, they can stop everything inside. That frees up Derrick Johnson, which [co-host Ray Lewis] would love to run behind those three guys and make tackles.”

I googled this term and it has been used before but I think this gives such a great visual (does it?) that I think the nickname is appropriate for this group.

Should we go with The Meat Wagon for the Chiefs defensive line? Do you have another one?


Should we call the Chiefs defensive line the Meat Wagon?

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As for Inside The NFL, I have some memories with that show. I remember watching Inside The NFL growing up when it was Len Dawson, Nick Buonicotti and Cris Collinsworth. Some people talk about the shows they watched to get all the highlights each week (since there was no Internet, kids) and this was the show for me. The highlights were so, so good each week. I had a local connection to the show in Lenny and he always picked the Chiefs in their picks segment. It was a great show. These days, Lenny is gone and so is Buonicotti. Collinsworth is on NBC now. I see highlights on Twitter 30 seconds after I see it live from the press box but I still miss the old Inside The NFL highlights.

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