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KC Chiefs offensive trends through the first two weeks

I charted the Chiefs offense for the first two weeks of the season for fun. My friends think I’m weird. They’re probably right. Anyway, here’s some trends I noticed from Sunday and also over the first two weeks of the season.

First 15 Plays vs. Philadelphia

  • There weren’t too many pre-snap shifts or motions early (only five of 15 plays). That’s below pace for the game. When they did, it was mostly an H-motion from out wide back into their most popular formation from last week. See below.
  • Speaking of that formation, I anticipated they would break their trend from last week of only a run or shovel pass out of it. They ran two different pass plays out of it in the first 15 plays.
  • The run/pass ratio of the first 15 plays was 2:1 pass.
  • Seven of the Chiefs first 15 plays had at least two tight ends on the field.
  • The Chiefs rolled out a personnel group of Chris Conley, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Demetrius Harris and Ross Travis. Philadelphia was in base personnel, likely treating Hill as a true running back on a first and 10.
  • The Eagles didn’t blitz much, but had a wrinkle with their fronts. They used several different front alignments early. They lined up with 3, 4 and 5 man looks. They used their wide 9 technique frequently, but mixed and matched their interior alignments throughout the first fifteen plays.
  • Where the Patriots were almost exclusively in dime personnel last week, the first 15 plays saw the Eagles mix between nickel and base exclusively.
  • Three third downs in the first 15 plays, three different looks from the Eagles. Cover 1 sending five rushers (Mike/Sam blitz, 3 down lineman), Cover 3 sending four rushers and a Cover 2 zone blitz look. All third downs were between four and eight yards.

Chiefs Offense

  • The most popular formation this week was this wing formation:
  • There was a concerted effort to utilize closed formations (no receivers to one side, only tight ends off tackle). They used several of these types of formations throughout the game. It can stress corners and force them into more run responsibilities. I’m sure this had NOTHING to do with the Eagles down one of their starting corners for the game.
  • If you haven’t read this week’s 45 seconds, I mentioned that the Chiefs used the same formation and motion twice to set up Travis Kelce’s touchdown. Later in the game, they used it a third time, handing the ball of to Kareem Hunt from the same look that Hill and Kelce had successful touches with different parts of the play progression.
  • I’m sure I’ll get around to writing about this for 45 seconds one of these weeks, but the Chiefs ran a few RPOs (run/pass options) this week. Once one has success we’ll spend some time talking about it.
  • The Chiefs scored all three touchdowns in three different personnel groups.
  • There were at least two tight ends on the field for 24/54 offensive snaps I charted.
  • Tyreek Hill caught two hitch routes and two designed screens this week. Only one vertical shot attempt to him the entire game.
  • Based on the formation structure I chart with, Hill lined up in all five different positions (charted as X, Y, Z, F, H) on the field. It may not be right but based on the charting process I use, it was.
  • The Chiefs shifted or motioned on 24/54 plays.
  • On plays with motion, the Chiefs were an even run/pass ratio.

Eagles Defense

  • The most utilized coverage was Cover 3, used 32/54 plays.
  • 42/54 plays had the Eagles using middle field closed coverage (Cover 1 and Cover 3)
  • The Eagles blitzed only seven times.
  • The Eagles stayed in base and nickel personnel all but one snap of the game. The Eagles used base heavily with two or more tight ends in the game (duh).

From two weeks of charting

  • The Chiefs have seen Cover 3 on 55/118 snaps
  • The Chiefs have seen Cover (Man-Free) 28/118 snaps
  • That means they have seen middle field closed coverage about 70 percent of the time.
  • The Chiefs have been blitzed only 13 times through two weeks. They are averaging 1.9 yards per play when blitzed.
  • I have Kelce getting a touch at all five skill positions in two games. Again, this is based on my formation naming structures and isn’t exact. But at least through a consistent process I use, I have it as five different positions.
  • The Chiefs have passed 7/10 snaps when using a three tight end personnel group.
  • The most popular personnel group is 11, used more than half the time.
  • The Chiefs have had eight explosive plays (over 20 yards). Teams have used four different coverages in those plays.


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