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Underrated part of Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt’s game: Pass blocking

We’ve added another show to the Arrowhead Pride Podcast after former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber and I review the film from the last game.

This week, I was curious what Barber felt about the best player in the league Kareem Hunt.

“You get what you see,” Barber said. “He’s a guy who plays very instinctively, he has a low-power base, awesome balance, awesome feel for the football, very patient runner, so the comparisons to the Emmitt Smiths of the world, and the comparisons to all these great running backs, I don’t think they’re coaches talk anymore. The kid really sees himself as one of the best running backs in the league not only this year, and it’s hard to always tag history, but he has all the tools.”

Barber continued with an aspect of his game no one is really talking about.

“One of the things I saw on film was his blocking,” he said. “He’s actually passionate about going in and blocking. A few times we saw him blocking for [De’Anthony] Thomas or [Tyreek] Hill on one of our jet sweeps, and he gets up in our linebackers’ face like he knows what he’s doing, so there’s no prima donna in him. He’s a hard-working running back.”

It’s a good show and worth your time—I promise. Listen to the whole thing here or click here for iTunes.

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