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NFL odds: Chiefs are favored over Chargers but I don’t feel all that confident

The Kansas City Chiefs are on top of the world right now. The NFL power rankings say they’re No. 1. They’ve beaten the defending champs. There’s Super Bowl talk.

I don’t know if this game against the Chargers on Sunday is a trap game because I’m not totally sure what a trap game is. But this game against the Chargers is one the Chiefs could lose despite being 3-point favorites.

Let me put it this way: I was more confident going into the Eagles game (perhaps because I didn’t know them as well) than I am going into the Chargers game. Maybe I’m alone on that (you’ll surely let me know in the comments).

The Chargers are not as bad as the headline in this sidebar suggests. They’re 0-2 but they lost by their own guy missing a field goal in Week 1 and then the Dolphins kicking one to beat them with a minute left in Week 2. They’re that close to 2-0 and Chiefs coach Andy Reid knows it.

“I will tell you though, LA has lost two games here by field goals,” Reid told the media on Monday. “One of which was blocked and the other was missed, but they are putting up great numbers and playing good football. Our guys will know that once they get in here and see them. They have a good football team. We have to really prepare ourselves to go down there and play them.”

Yeah, yeah you can dismiss that as coach speak and perhaps it is. However, I’ve seen the Chargers enough to know that they’re not going to roll over. Philip Rivers is good enough to make it competitive. Their offense is too. The Chargers find a way to blow it in the fourth but that doesn’t make that fourth quarter anymore stress free.

I’ll be picking the Chiefs to win this week but the Chargers will give the Chiefs a game.

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