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Unlike the Patriots, the Eagles threw right at Chiefs CB Marcus Peters

Tom Brady and the Patriots avoided throwing at Chiefs CB Marcus Peters so since they’re Brady and the Patriots I just assumed that the Eagles would follow suit and QB Carson Wentz would not throw in Peters’ direction.

I was wrong. The Eagles not only threw at Peters, they threw at him a lot. Pro Football Focus tracked it at eight attempts in Peters direction. Of those eight throws, six were caught for 71 yards.

PFF notes that Peters allowed more than 71 yards in just three games last year.

Many of you will point to his off coverage, which he often plays. That means he’s playing several yards off the line of scrimmage instead of getting o the line of scrimmage for some bump n’ run (to this day, I think of Dale Carter when someone says bump n’ run).

That did seem to cost him on some of those quick slants but the reason he does that is he is so good at reading the receiver and the quarterback and anticipating the play. I always go back to that pick in the Vikings game two years ago to appreciate how well he reads the routes.

So, how much does the off coverage bug you? Is it the right move?

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