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Chief in the North podcast: When will Travis Kelce cost the Chiefs?

In Episode 12 of the Chief in the North (iTunes link here), I tackle the Chiefs-Eagles game after a quick re-watch looking at certain players. There's a lot to talk about, with an overall theme of the Chiefs sending a message to the NFL for the second week in a row, this time beating a tough, physical defense and a quarterback who played a really good game under pressure. Despite the Eagles presenting a very different matchup than the Pats, the Chiefs were able to walk away winners for the second week in a row against a good team. That's a big deal.

For individual topics, I discuss how I believe Alex Smith's game against the Eagles may well be more impressive than his gaudy stats against the Patriots, how Chris Jones and the pass rush are a menace to society, and how Kareem Hunt is completely for real (in case you doubted it).

I also dive into a few tougher topics, like the offensive line coming back to Earth against perhaps the toughest front seven they'll face all year, Mitch Morse being injured (NOOOOOO), and some potential concerns on special teams.

Additionally, I take a long, hard look at a great player who can't seem to stop getting stupid penalties in Travis Kelce. I've officially reached the point of being fed up and concerned about when these mental lapses are going to turn around and bite the Chiefs.

Finally, I discuss the upcoming Chargers game and some matchup issues they present, followed up by a conversation of where I think the Chiefs' ceiling is this year (spoiler alert: it's high).

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