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Kansas City Chiefs putting a lot of faith in RB coach Eric Bieniemy

Kareem Hunt is getting a ton of attention. The Kansas City Chiefs RB has been on the cover of SI already and ESPN’s Adam Schefter said he has been the best player in football so far this season. That’s quite a bit of praise. So much that you wonder how Kareem Hunt is going to handle it.

Well, the Chiefs don’t seem to be too concerned about how he’ll handle all of this attention. Chiefs coach Andy Reid was asked on Monday about whether he’s concerned about Hunt handling all the attention and his answer made it clear how faith he has in the Chiefs RB coach Eric Bieniemy.

“He’s got EB in his back pocket, Eric Bieniemy,” Reid said. “Does a phenomenal job with him. He’s been there as a player, understands the challenges of that position. So he’s young in this by not only in age and in experience, but he’s young in the season. The challenges are going to be answering the bell every week – physically and mentally. So to have somebody like Eric is an important part of this. So I think with that and his makeup, he’s a pretty humble kid, I think with his makeup he’ll be fine doing it.”

I think this answer shows the trust that Reid puts in Bieniemy. Hunt has quickly become of the most important players on the team and Reid’s answer put all the responsibility of that on Bieniemy.

I thought watching last week’s Sound FX that Bieniemy was obviously a future head coach. I still think that.

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