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Eagles fan’s note praises Chiefs and Arrowhead (and takes a shot at the Cowboys)

An Eagles fan posted a note on the Chiefs reddit page about the great time he had at Arrowhead Stadium. Since we usually hear about someone getting in a fight or doing something stupid when they’re drop dead drunk at Arrowhead, I figured this would be a good reminder that most people have a great time at Chiefs games.

The fan wrote this about Arrowhead, and also got a shot in on the Cowboys.

Sunday was my very first NFL game and I've been a lifelong Eagles fan. Going in I was a little nervous about being a visiting fan in such an intimidating environment but it was amazing! There was a surprising amount of Eagles fans there, way more than I expected. Besides a few chirps here and there, which was expected, it's part of the fun, (C)hiefs fans were extremely welcoming!

Even after the game the number of Chiefs fans saying "good game" and "I hope you enjoyed your time at Arrowhead" made the loss just a little bit more bearable. Being a Husker fan and student I was convinced that there was no louder stadium than Memorial Stadium and to say the least, Arrowhead was electric. Unreal, unlike any sporting event I've ever been too.

I just wanted to come on here and thank you guys so much for making my first NFL game one to remember! It's a shame the Eagles and Chiefs don't play very often. Enjoy Andy Reid, he's great. It really is a shame that Eric Berry got hurt. His story is incredible and I hope he makes a quick and speedy recovery. I'm rooting for you guys to have an amazing season and that we can have a rematch in the Super Bowl. And last but not least, Fuck the Cowboys.

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