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Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt doing things that haven’t been done since the 1920 Decatur Staleys

The NFL releases notes each week on the games and includes fun stats and who set a new record and who are the league leaders and stuff like that. This week’s note from the NFL includes some fun history on what KC Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt is doing.

Hunt now has five touchdowns on the season — three in Week 1 against the Patriots and two in Week 2 against the Eagles.

The last time someone had more than five touchdowns in his first two career games? You’d have to go back to the 1920 Decatur Staleys where “Dutch” Sternaman scored six touchdowns in his first two career games.


How old is that? George Halas, the founder of the Bears, played on that team. There is actually a Wikipedia page for that team. There’s also a Wikipedia entry for Ed “Dutch” Sternaman.

Sternaman and George Halas took over management of the Decatur Staleys (as the Bears were then known) in 1920 when both were working for the A. E. Staley Co., a corn products firm in Decatur, Illinois. Sternaman and Halas both starred in football at the University of Illinois under the coaching of Bob Zuppke. When A.E. Staley encouraged Halas to take the team north to Chicago where it might survive, Sternaman became an eager part owner of the club.

Sternaman played 10 seasons with the Bears after joining the team with George Halas in 1920. Along with Halas, Sternaman was co-coach of the team, quarterbacked for several seasons by Joey Sternaman, Dutch's younger brother. The three men were teammates at the University of Illinois in 1918.

During the Great Depression Sternaman lost money in bad investments, and arranged for Halas to buy out his share of the team. The agreement had a deadline for Halas to make final payment or lose everything he had invested to Sternaman. According to Halas, he made the final payment with just minutes to spare.

Another one: Hunt is the third player in history and first since 1955 to have two 50-plus yard touchdowns in each of his first two games.

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