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Chiefs’ Chris Jones talking about his interception is too much fun

Chris Jones is a treasure. He’s one of the guys you have to make sure you talk to after Kansas City Chiefs games. After he had three sacks and an interception (!!) against the Eagles, it was a no brainer we would talk to him and he delivered.

Here are a few quotes on his interception and ensuing return:

“I was headed home. I’m not talking about the end zone. I’m talking about to Overland Park! I was headed home! I was outta here. I had to realize where I was.”

“I was thinking one of these little guys is about to kill me while I’m jumping in the air that long. That’s why I backed up to check out the scenery.”

“The offensive lineman caught me. He didn’t give me time to gather myself.”

He is so much fun. Always, always happy ... except when he’s trying to fool you.

“I’m not really as vocal as everyone else is,” Jones said. “Im a quiet guy. I like to stay silent.”


“I’m just playing with you all!”

Jones is fun to talk to in the locker room but more importantly he is a beast on the field. He is going to go to multiple Pro Bowls in his career. All he did today was rack up three sacks and an interception. He briefly went down with an injury that scared the hell out of us but it was all good in the locker room after.

The Chiefs defense with a push up the middle from Jones and Bennie Logan and the outside pressure that Dee Ford and Justin Houston are bringing ... this defense has been good and it can get a lot better.

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