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Chiefs’ Alex Smith getting knocked around by the Eagles

KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith was slow to get up after getting hit on a blitz in Sunday’s game against the Eagles. The Eagles showed blitz right before Alex snapped the ball and he quickly got it out to Kelce. However, after he threw it Alex was hit after he released the ball.

He was slow to get up after that but he did get up. He did get up however and the Chiefs called a timeout at which point Alex went to the sideline where it appeared Andy Reid and the trainers talked to him briefly. I couldn’t tell what they were looking at or if they were looking at anything.

Alex went back into the game after that and was sacked on third down. Chiefs backup QB Patrick Mahomes was tossing the ball around on the sidelines.

Alex stayed in and the next few plays after that he was hit multiple times — two sacks and one awkward fall where he was running to his left and throwing.

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