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Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt knows he’s not actually faster than Tyreek Hill

So, Kareem Hunt was in the news this week. Did you hear he had a good game? I heard that too. The Chiefs running back had a big game AND he was the fastest player in the NFL. The NFL’s next gen stats record how fast a player runs and in Week 1 Kareem Hunt registered the fastest time (it was on his big run to the left where Travis Kelce delivered a killer block).

Faster than Tyreek Hill even, which is not something you hear very often. In fact, Tyreek was the second fastest of the week. In a sign that the rookie is keeping his head on right. here’s what he said when asked about finishing faster than Tyreek:

Ha. I love that quote. In fact, I love all these Kareem Hunt quotes. He seems so young - and he is young, 22 years old - it’s just so cool to see him get all this attention.

Speaking of that attention, how’s he handling that?

“It’s a lot of new people around,” Hunt told the KC media this week. “But I keep my circle tight, still talk to the same people and just keep going about my day. I just do what I do.”

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