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Chiefs coach Andy Reid has lost 60 pounds

I hope I’m not embarrassing the KC Chiefs head coach by writing this but a sincere congratulations to Andy Reid for losing 60 pounds. He made that revelation on Adam Schefter’s podcast. I don’t know what time frame we’re talking about here but Big Red doesn’t look a little more like Medium Red these days.

“I’ve lost more probably more weight than, I’ve lost a lot of human beings,” Reid said on Schefter’s podcast this week. “I’ve had a lot of friends who have been hanging onto my love handles for a while. I’ve dropped them off every once in a while. This was just a small child. It was about 60 pounds we were able to drop off and hopefully he stays away.”

How do you lose 60 pounds?!

“Some of our coaches got on a diet from our trainer and so they told me they were on this and I said, you know what, I’ll jump on with you and make it a contest type thing,” Reid said. “It wasn’t too much of a contest. We were betting cheeseburgers. Is that bad, Adam?”

Reid has done this before. I looked up older stories on his weight loss and saw he’s done this before. Remember during the 2016 offseason Reid had knee surgery so that could have been a factor as well.

Good for him.

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