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Eagles vs. Chiefs: Andy Reid says Doug Pederson’s offense is very similar to his

The west coast offense is as old as time (or a couple decades, whatever). Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs run it and Reid has said before that each quarterback puts his own spin on the offense, like Alex Smith’s west coast offense isn’t the same as Donovan McNabb’s. But they are similar.

Also similar to the Chiefs offense is Doug Pederson’s offense. That’s for obvious reasons as Pederson was the Chiefs offensive coordinator from 2013-15.

“Very similar, it was very similar to the things (we are doing),” Reid told the KC media this week about Pederson’s offense last year. “They have a little bit of influx of the old San Diego staff in there so you’re getting a little bit of that. But for the most part it’s what we do here, same type of thing. The base part of it.”

This matchup should be interesting for that reason. Bob Sutton’s defense has been going up against a very similar offense the past few years and the Eagles defense obviously knows this system, too.

Reid will definitely bring on a new wrinkle. He will do something different whether that’s four shovel passes to Travis Kelce or lining Tyreek Hill up in the backfield or whatever it is there will be something new for the Eagles.

Ultimately, if this game comes down to execution, the Chiefs should win. They’re the veteran team. This is their home opener. This is a game the Chiefs should win.

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