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KC Chiefs will have to keep Carson Wentz in the pocket

The first thing you notice about Eagles QB Carson Wentz is how big he is. Seriously, he’s listed at 6’5 and 237 pounds is. You really need to see a linebacker or defensive lineman standing next to him to appreciate how big he is.

The next thing you notice is how well he moves for someone carrying that much weight. Peyton Manning was a similar size but we only remember the old Peyton who couldn’t move at all. Wentz is more like Andrew Luck in that he’s a big guy who really can move around in the pocket and step outside the pocket and still make plays.

If you’re the Chiefs, this is the play you’re trying to avoid:

You always want to avoid the big plays as a defense, right? No question about that. In this game, I don’t think the Eagles will beat the Chiefs without these big plays so that’s the significance of it in this game. Wentz and the Eagles aren’t lining up and beating the Chiefs on a bunch of 10-plus play drives. I just don’t see that happening against a defense like the Chiefs.

The Chiefs have to avoid the big play and an easy way for the Eagles to get a big play is the play above. Wentz is tough to bring down. I can already see the missed tackles in the pocket coming now. The Chiefs could consider using some sort of spy on him at times to keep the pressure on him.

Wentz’s athleticism will be one of the story lines for the Chiefs. This is a good Eagles offensive line that will give him time.

It's Game Time.

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