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The most surprising part of the NFL season so far is ... the Chiefs

SB Nation’s NFL blogs are all writing today about the most surprising part of the 2017 season after one week. I thought about writing about Tyreek Hill being an actual receiver, something I was a little skeptical about. I could write about the stars of the 2017 running back class and how a third rounder - Kareem Hunt - is out-playing them all. I could also write about Alex Smith being the top rated quarterback in the league after one week.

I could write about all those things or I could just say the most surprising part of the 2017 season is the Chiefs. The Chiefs going into New England and winning. The Chiefs with the most explosive offense in the NFL after one week. The Chiefs beating Tom Brady and the Patriots with a smart second half adjustment. The Chiefs appearing to have yet another star running back.

I could say no team was more likely to lose than the Chiefs after Kareem Hunt’s fumble in the first quarter and how surprising it is that the Chiefs actually came back and won that. And how Alex Smith beat a team who scored more than 24 against them, which is surprising (although less so after last season). I could also talk about how the Chiefs having a killer instinct and putting the dagger in the Patriots is surprising.

I could say all those things ... or I could just say the Chiefs are the most surprising part of this season.

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