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Did Andy Reid really put down 3 steaks in his Eagles interview?

You may have missed this story while you were preparing to watch the KC Chiefs beat the Patriots but Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie shared a good one last week.

I’m not sure the exact context here but Lurie was talking about when the Eagles hired Andy Reid back in 1999 and what that interview process was like. He dropped this gem:

THREE STEAKS! OK, OK, maybe they were petite steaks. You know, the really fancy ones that taste terrific but are really small. We focus on size in Kansas City so we don’t see small steaks around here all that often but they exist.

I really need to know what kind of steak it was before judging much more.

UPDATE: I heard Reid on Adam Schefter’s podcast say he doesn’t remember ordering three steaks.

H/T Bob Fescoe over at 610

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