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Eagles front seven will tell the Kansas City Chiefs a lot about their offense

The KC Chiefs put out a lot of tape last Thursday in New England. They showed a bunch of formations and mix and matched personnel. You would think Travis Kelce is a known shovel pass threat if all you ever watched was that tape.

The Eagles, who visit the Chiefs in Week 2, are watching that tape and wondering how you prepare for an offense that had a pair of 70-plus yard touchdown passes and ran multiple option plays. The Chiefs did a lot and the Eagles recognize how much you have to account for.

“I don’t know if it goes underrated, but it is in my book, he’s a good athlete,” Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said of Alex Smith. “They run a lot more read-option-type plays than most teams that we’ll face, so you have to account for that. Bootleg passes, you have to account for that. He does throw the ball quick, but he has the ability to escape if he doesn’t throw the ball quick.”

It’s weird how after one game I’m like, the Chiefs are hard to prepare for! They could just as easily go and lay an egg with 185 yards passing and one touchdown this week and we’d be down on them. I know that. So far, however, Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill look like the real deal on offense. I predicted Alex Smith would have his best season so I’m less surprised he started off playing well (maybe surprised it was this good).

“You couldn’t have a much better game than he had in Week 1,” Schwartz continued. “He’s been around for a long time and I’ve got a lot of respect for his ability to execute the offense. We’re going to have to play our very best against him.”

The Eagles front seven is better than the Patriots so this will be a good test for the Chiefs offense. How does the offensive line hold up against an elite pass rusher? What about a lineman like Fletcher Cox? Can Alex Smith continue throwing deep against a pass rush like this? I’m really excited to find out the answer to all of those questions.

It's Game Time.

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